The Final Countdown



Every time I stop to think, the only thing running through my head is that I’m leaving. I just teared up writing that sentence, I don’t want to leave. I have a feeling I’m going to cry while writing this blog.

I said goodbye to a lot of my friends last night, and I’m kind of heartbroken. I’m going to miss them so much.

Monday I had my last two finals, both of which I passed. The first one was for my intellectuals class and because one of the girls set off the emergency exit alarm and we had to wait around for 30 minutes until the guy with a key to shut it off could come around, the final took decidedly longer than it should have. It was also very difficult and I studied the wrong things. But I passed.

The second final was an oral exam for my class on the Germans and Czechs which was just 15 minutes of the professor asking me questions. It was easy enough, language was the only thing that really made it more difficult but despite this I still did well. The professor complemented my German at the end of it.

After I finished my oral final, Danija and I wandered around town, went to the second hand shop where I bought a dirndl (the traditional bavarian dress) and then went to the Münsterplatz for a wurst. We also played around in the Bächle. The Bächle are, if you remember, the little canals that go through the city center and the whole year I’ve been itching to walk in them. Too bad this was the one day I left my camera at home.

Wednesday was my last day of class here in Freiburg. I was supposed to have a discussion section at 8:30am, but I showed up and no one was there so I just ran errands all morning. That afternoon was my last Münster class and I found out that I got a 2 (B) on my final from last week. That made me happy. That class is probably one of the best classes I’ve taken, it was fascinating and well done.

Thursday morning I woke up early, ex-matriculated at the university, tried to get a transcript, tried to cancel my phone and after trying to find a change machine, gave all the small change I’ve collected over the last year to the Synagogue my mom and I went to for Yom Kippur services.

I walked in, told them I wanted to give Tzedakah and got a rather surprised look in return. The looks on their faces when I took the bag of change out of my backpack (probably like 10 euros in 1,2 and 5 cent coins) made it totally worth it. I’m glad I didn’t find the change machine, this was so much more satisfying. It made my day.

I wonder what they said later about the American girl who randomly gave Tzedakah. Because that’s all they know about me, that I’m American and that I’m Jewish.

Thursday was the last Karaoke night. There was a big table of us and it was a good night. Jamele and I sang Single Ladies again and killed it. It was good to go out with a bang.

Friday day all the public transportation workers were on strike and no trams were running so I stayed close to home and tried to be productive. Even though the semester is over, I still have two term papers to write.

Friday evening was the last StuSie bar party and boy, was it like no other party I’ve ever been to. It was a foam party. Basically, pretend you’re in a bubble bath without water and the bubbles are coming out of something that looks remarkably like the snow machines at Afton Alps. It was great.

There is something about being covered in foam that turns you into a little kid. Especially if you stood right underneath the foam machine, and the foam was higher than you were, it was pretty great. A bummer to have to wear glasses though, I couldn’t see hardly anything all evening but it was totally worth it.

It was definitely an experience and a good way to end the semester with a bang.

The first thing I did when I got home was jump in the shower. I’m just throwing the skirt and sandals I wore away, I don’t think they’ll ever quite be the same.

Yesterday morning I went into town to run a couple errands and do all the little things I had/wanted to do before I leave. Besides going to Müller to pick up some pens that I love and can’t find at home and I taking the old trams to and from town, I went to the Münsterplatz and got one last wurst, I went into the Münster and walked around for the last time (a morning service was going on

when I got there, which was cool to see), I went to the university and walked through the buildings in which I had classes and lastly, had one last lemon eis at portofino.

As a part of this last Sunday in Germany, I wanted to give you guys a bit of a tour of my every day life here in Freiburg, so here we go:

The Quad

KG II - A university building

Lecture Hall

UB 1 - The university Library

The Mensa - Cafeteria

KG I and III

My building is on the left

Saturday afternoon I packed up as much as I could and then that evening I met up with some friends for one last beer at Feierling. We were supposed to go see a play, but because it was in an outdoor theater and the weather was threatening to rain, the play got cancelled. It was nice to just sit around and talk over a drink one last time with my friends here.

I just got done cleaning the flat with Sarah and my room hasn’t looked this bare since the day I moved in in September. The floor is vacuumed and mopped and all that’s left is to wipe down my desk and nightstand. My two suitcases are packed and pretty much ready to go.

I’m allowed two 50lb suitcases and, since my scale is broken, I’m not exactly sure how much they weigh. My scale, even when there’s nothing on it still says that something weighs 3kg, which means that since I’m allowed 23kg per suitcase, technically that means that according to my scale I can have 26kg. However, since I’m so afraid of having an overweight suitcase, I’m really afraid to put anything more in the suitcase that’s already 23kg. We shall see.

The guy in charge of my building is coming around tomorrow at 8am to check the room and take away my keys and then I go to the train station where my train leaves at around 9am. I’ll be back in Minnesota by dinnertime.

I cannot believe that this is the end. Eleven months, almost to the day (Sept 11th – Aug 8th) and it’s pretty much over. I remember sitting at home in MN in September thinking that August was so far away and I was so afraid that I would hate being here and that I wouldn’t make any friends and that I’d have a miserable time. Instead, it has been the best year of my life.

As much as I’m dreading leaving tomorrow, and as much as I love Europe and Germany and Freiburg, it will be nice to see my family and friends again. In many ways, it’s all very bittersweet. I’ll write one last blog next Sunday to wrap everything up and then this is over.

I’ll leave you guys with what is probably the very last picture with some of my friends here in Freiburg.


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