And Now For Something Completely Different


After 11 months here in Freiburg Germany, there are a lot of things that I’m going to miss so I thought I’d put together a neat little list as a mid-week blog post. I’ll have a regular blog for you on Sunday, like normal

I’m going to miss:

Eating Bratwursts on the Münsterplatz and making a mess with the Senf and onions.

Danija needing Fanta to function

Carrying bags full of bottles back to the store to get my Pfand back

Being mistaken for a European (Either German, French or Spanish)

German German German

Knowing what to say but not how to say it

Having the Seepark in my backyard

Lemon Eis at Portofino

Taking the last tram into town on Friday and Saturday nights


Paprika flavored potato chips

Lemon flavored pop

Having to decide between Pennymarkt and Edeka and always choosing Edeka because it’s half a block closer. Unless I need diet coke, and then it’s always Pennymarkt

Knowing that I am surrounded by the kind of history I want to spend my entire life studying.

Linie 1, richtung Landwasser, Haltestelle Am Bischofskreuz


Hoarding food sent to me from home

Being made fun of for how I say Minnesota (Minnesohhda) by non-native English speakers


Skyping with the family

Augustinerplatz, Münsterplatz, Rathausplatz

Finding old WW2 memorabilia at the Flohmarkt

the Uni

KG I, II, III, IV and Breisacher Tor

Knocking on the table at the end of each lecture

Spending hours at Europa cafe reading and drinking tea

Printing all my reading for the week on Wednesday morning because I know I wont have to wait for a computer. I wont miss having class 8:30-10 though

My super comfy bed and awkwardly lumpy pillow

The Mensa… maybe

Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Currywurst


Having friends from all over the world

Filmabends, Karaoke and Party machen

Writing a weekly blog

Editing other people’s English papers

Having broken window shades that only roll up  3/4 of the way

Forgetting to only roll up my window shades 3/4 of the way and having to stand on the window sill to fix it

My friends. Seriously

Cheap German chocolate


Never being carded for alcohol

Weihnachtsmärkte and Glühwein

Feierling Beer

Traveling through Europe

The best year of my entire life (so far)


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