A Series of Lasts


This week’s blog is coming to you, not from my room in the StuSie, but rather from the Uni library because, if you haven’t heard already, my laptop charger has been broken since last Tuesday and the replacement I ordered off ebay hasn’t come yet.

I didn’t realize how much I depended on my laptop until I didn’t have it anymore. The timing of this is both good and bad: good because it’s finals time here and this forces me to spend all the time I would have normally taken watching tv shows on “breaks” from studying, studying. However, it is decidedly bad timing because the last thing I need is more things to stress about during finals time. Also, because of decidedly non-finals related family things, this week was a bad time not to have access to skype. I feel somewhat bad about that, actually.

I should probably mention before we go any further, that there will be no photos this week, and for the first time this is not because I forgot to take pictures, but rather because I can’t upload photos on my computer until I get my charger. Sorry about that.

Tuesday was a long day. I went to the government office at 9:30am (for me, that’s extremely early) because my visa expired this last Thursday and I needed to get a special form to get through German customs next week. While I was there, I also unregistered my apartment. After that, I went back to campus and studied until 5pm, with only a break for lunch and a 1.5 hour class.

Wednesday I had my first final. It was for my class about the Freiburger Münster and I feel pretty alright about it. I mean, there were a couple things I wasn’t quite sure about, but I’m confident that I passed.

Mareike, the girl we met up with in Cologne was visiting some friends in Freiburg so we met up with her for lunch at Ligere. I got my wonderful eggroll salad again. I seriously love that salad.

Wednesday night, Yi Qing came over and we made hamburgers and went for a walk around the Seepark. It was a perfect evening to spend outside.

Thursday, besides picking up a paper from a professor, I literally spent the entire day studying for my Friday final. Thursday evening 11 of us met up for Yi Qing’s going away dinner. I was told a long time ago by one of my teachers to take a mental picture at big gatherings of friends and/or family because who knows when you may see them next. That’s the big thing about leaving next week; yes I’m bummed to be leaving Germany, but even more, it’s the fact that I’ll be leaving my friends that’s hard.

Thursday afternoon I met up with Danija. 30 minutes later, she had a tattoo. Unfortunaly I wasn’t allowed to watch, but it turned out nice. Don’t worry though, I would personally never think about getting a tattoo; piercings I’m alright with though.

Friday morning I had my final for my class on the UK under Margaret Thatcher and I feel pretty good about it.

I met up with Yi Qing after class at the Hauptbahnhof to see her off. We barely managed with her luggage between the two of us, I have no idea how she managed that on her own.

That made me think: 8 days from today, it’s going to be me standing on that platform waiting for the train to take me to the airport. Can anyone tell me where the last 11 months have gone?

Friday evening I met up with some friends for dinner. We decided that it’d be fun to dress up nice and go to a real restaurant. I have some really lovely pictures of us, but unfortunately I cannot show you yet. They’ll get up on Facebook eventually though.

Yesterday and today are and have been devoted entirely to studying for my last two finals tomorrow (Monday). It just so happens that they are also the two hardest ones as well. The first one is for my class about the Intellectuals and the second one is an oral exam about the Germans and Czechs in the first half of the 20th century. Wish me luck.

That’s about it for my second to last week here in Germany. This next week is going to be devoted to wrapping up as much as possible and enjoying the end of finals. But I’ll tell you all about it next week. And this time there will be photos.

Oh, and by the way, I might have a special surprise Blog on Wednesday, so check back then.

P.S. Since I’m writing this on a German keyboard where the Y and Z keys are switched, I tried my best to fix any typos, but if there is a random z at the end of a word that I somehow didn’t catch, that’s why.


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