Finals Time


I’m in finals mode.

That’s right, we’re back in finals time.  I can hardly believe that this semester is almost over. It’s weirding me out.

As much as it is a bummer having it be in the low to mid 60’s every single day, it makes sitting inside and doing homework and studying much easier. Maybe it’s the fact that it permanently feels like September so my mind assumes I should be in school.

Alright, moving on to last week.

Sunday evening was the final game of the Womens world soccer cup and so a couple of us went to a bar and watched the US lose to Japan. It was a really good game, but the US team just couldn’t do it. They had so many chances to shoot goals and they messed them up. It ended up 2-2 in overtime, and had to be decided in sudden death. It was exciting.

I can sum up the next couple days quite easily because all I did was go to class, study, do homework and get lunch with other people. I’m definitely in finals mode.

The thing about the history department here, is that unlike at home where you get told what to expect from the test at the end almost from the very beginning, they don’t tell you here until the week beforehand. It was stressing me out.

Now that I know what kind of shape my finals will be taking and roughly what kind of information I need to know, I’m a lot less worried than before. I can do this.

I have a final this Wednesday, one on Friday and then two next Monday.

It’s rather obnoxious though, because the final on Friday is during the discussion section and since we still have a class period afterward, we have 60 pages of reading to do on top of studying. I mean, really? Pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

Thursday evening, like always, we went to Karaoke and this time, we actually sang a German song! We sang Westerland by Die Ärzte and a (very drunk) middle-aged woman dancing was so excited to hear the song that she broke a handful of bottles all over the dance floor.

Friday evening was very chill, I went over to my friend’s place and we watched a couple episodes of a tv show and then called it a night. I’m not the only one in finals mode.

The weather here has been ridiculous. It rains every day, and Friday it would rain really hard, clear up for 20 minutes and then rain again. The rainbow was a nice touch though.

Yesterday I tried really hard to study. I got rather a lot done considering the fact that Skype was being more of a distraction that usual. That’s okay though, because all in all I did a pretty good job of getting stuff done, it just took twice as long as it should have.

I met up with Yi Qing for dinner last night and had my Eggroll salad again. I seriously love that salad. Whoever decided to put mini eggrolls and salad together on the same plate was brilliant. I’d like to shake their hand.

After dinner we met up with some friends for a beer at Feierling. Normally when we go out for a drink I get a Radler, Feierling is the only exception. It’s really, seriously good.

Afterward we went to Uni Cafe, and because it was so chilly and rainy, we all ended up getting coffee or tea. I went home at about midnight because I have so much to do today, but I’m pretty sure they went on to some club. I just wasn’t in the mood to party.

Sorry my room is such a mess

Yesterday morning I made a trip to the post office to do something that only finalizes the fact that I’m going home in two weeks from tomorrow: I shipped a box home. For some reason, shipping to the States is a whole lot cheaper than shipping from there. For 9kg (roughly 20lbs), it cost 45 Euros which, in the scheme of things, really isn’t all that bad.

I got it there, no problem but not gonna lie, my shoulders are a bit sore this morning from carrying it.

I don’t know why my blogs have been getting so much shorter, but I honestly don’t have much more to say! Everything is winding down here, both at the University and my time abroad.

The thing is not that I don’t want to go home – I miss my family and friends – but I just don’t want to leave. I keep telling myself that I’m only going back to the states for now but I have a feeling that I’m going to end up doing my masters in America. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing history programs in the States, but I would love to be able to study European history in Europe.

I come home to a month of break in August, but it won’t be much of a break at all seeing as I have two 15 page papers to write, the GRE to study for and grad schools to research.

Sorry the title is so bad this week, I really couldn’t bother with thinking up anything better.


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