Harry Potter and the Baseballs


Finals start in a week an a half.

Let’s skip ahead to Wednesday this week, because honestly, the only thing I did on Monday or Tuesday that didn’t involve going to class or doing homework was going swimming in the Seepark Monday evening.

Wednesday was probably the easiest day of classes ever. Normally Wednesdays are rather rough simply because I have an awfully boring discussion section from 8:30-10 in the morning. This week however, we went to the library for a lesson on how to use their online databanks for research. Not only had I already done this same thing last semester, but the databanks they use here are the same ones we use at the UofM (although the U has access to far more). I somehow managed to get the only computer in the room that the instructor couldn’t see the screen of, and did my own thing for an hour and a half. It was lovely.

That afternoon we had class in the Münster. Basically, we just sat in the church and looked at stained glass windows for almost two hours. Even though it wasn’t the most exciting way to spend an afternoon, it’s rather cool to hear presentations about a building inside that building. It definitely makes it all easier to comprehend.

Also, we got to go into the part of the Altar that is normally corded off from visitors which I thought was pretty neat. I may still feel very lost in churches, but this class is definitely helping me to begin to understand it all.

Can you see why that was the easiest day of class ever? Love it.

That night I met up with Jamele and Danija in town and then we headed over to the bar Tacheles to watch the US vs. France women’s soccer game. The women’s soccer world cup is going on right now in Germany and Wednesday was the Semi-final game. I’d never watched a full game of soccer (or football as I’ve come to call it like the rest of the world, writing ‘soccer’ looks weird to me right now) and it was really quite exciting. I’m glad we beat the French (3-1).

Tonight is the final game against Japan and we’re going to go watch it somewhere and cheer for the US. I’m pretty sure our friend Asumi from Japan is coming with too, which should be fun.

Thursday was Karaoke again and it was so busy that we only had time for one song which was too bad because we were going to sing “Baby got back” as our second. Next week.

Friday, like everyone else in the world, we went to see Harry Potter. It’s funny though, because though the film opened in the States at midnight on Friday, the theater here has been screening it in German since Tuesday. I’m not quite sure how that works.

We saw it in English (though they accidentally played the first five minutes of the German film before realizing their mistake and switching it) and it was AMAZING. I laughed, I almost cried a couple times and I left the film feeling like I had just watched my entire childhood come to an end.

As melodramatic as that may sound, it’s rather true. I have been looking forward to reading and watching new Harry Potter books and films ever since my mom read me the first chapter when I was 9. I didn’t want to read the book, but she read the first chapter out loud and then, already hooked, I took the book and finished it on my own. I’ve grown up with Harry Potter – the books were always published in a way so that I was always the same age as Harry in the books (book 7 was published in 2007 so both Harry and I were 17). And even though the books are far better than the films, it was very bitter sweet knowing that I was going to see the last film. On one hand, I finally got to see how they interpreted the final showdown between Harry and Voldemort, and yet it was the end of the series. That’s it, done.

For all my expectations though, I was not disappointed.

Yesterday was a good day too. I did homework for a couple hours, went over to Jamele’s where she tried to faux-hawk my hair and then went to a concert. I use the word “tried” very deliberately because for all the time (and product) that we put into my hair, it just didn’t work out. I came home and almost immediately stuck my head in the sink.

I found something out yesterday while Jamele and Danija were doing my hair: I have a gray hair. That’s right folks, my first gray hair at 20. I always knew that I was going to have the salt & pepper look when I got older (which I honestly rather like the idea of), but the fact that I have a gray hair at 20 surprised me. It makes me feel old.

For the last three weeks or so, Freiburg has been playing host to the music festival ZMF. We had bought our tickets while we were in England in March when July had seemed so far away. I remember thinking that when we go to the concert, my time here would be winding down.

The set up of ZMF is rather German. Unlike in the States where you buy your food and/or beer and then walk around, they had countless rows of benches lined up in front of the places selling beer. It was nice to have a beer in that kind of summer festival atmosphere, it’s really a shame that I won’t be able to have one at the State Fair this year though.

After hanging out for a bit, it was time for the concert. The band we saw is called the Baseballs. They’re a German band, but what they do is rather fun. Instead of writing and performing their own songs, they take songs by Lady Gaga, Rihanna and others and then sing them in a rockabilly style. 

Though they weren’t the greatest live show ever, it was fun to go to a concert again. I feel like I go to one concert a year, and it’s always in the summer.

I don’t have much else fun to tell you guys about. Like I said at the beginning of the blog, my first final is a week from this Wednesday and I’m starting to get properly stressed out. It doesn’t help that they hardly even give you the slightest hint as to what will be on the final until just a week beforehand.

I have three more weeks here in Germany, and they’re gonna be some of the most stressful weeks I’ve had my entire time abroad.

I’m glad this week is over though, it was the first week since I’ve been here where it seemed to drag on forever. Looking back at it however, it was pretty alright.


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