A Seven Day Break


I had no class this week because the Uni shut down for Pentecost. I’m not sure exactly why they gave us the whole week instead of just Monday off, but who am I to complain about a whole week without having to go to class. And let me tell you now, it was a pretty excellent week.


Monday evening some of us met up at the Irish pub for quiz night. If you don’t know what that is, quiz night is basically a giant trivia game where your table is your team. It was a good way to spend an evening.

We met up there early for dinner, and I had a hamburger that really went above and beyond the German standard of hamburger making. It was super delicious.

We basically just goofed around the whole evening, and because we needed pens and paper anyways to play the game, we ended up leaving behind a table covered in doodled on scraps of paper.


I finally made it to France on Tuesday! Although it didn’t go quite according to plan. We met up at the Hauptbahnhof in the morning and took the S-Bahn to a German town called Breisach which is right on the border with France. From there we were supposed to take a bus to Colmar in France, but apparently the bus only ran every 3 hours and we had just missed it. Instead of waiting around at the Bahnhof for another couple hours, we went and wandered around Breisach.

We walked up to the castle where we got a really good view of the town and the area around it. Let me tell you what, southern Germany is really gorgeous.

After hanging out up there we went back down into the town and pretty much killed time until our bus came. Oh, and we had slushies. There was this weird flavor, it was green and apparently translates into Woodruf – in German it’s Waldmeister. My slushie was half waldmeister, half blueberry. It was tasty, even if it did turn my tongue blue.

I also managed to find a new canvas bag to replace my old one that caught on fire while grilling two weeks ago.

Our bus to France finally came and an hour later we were in Colmar. The thing was, by the time we got there it was after 2pm and none of us had eaten hardly anything all day so all we wanted to do was find somewhere to get a bite to eat. It wasn’t that simple.

It seemed like every restaurant was closed, and those that weren’t were only serving crepes or light snacks at that time of the day. It took us forever to find somewhere that was actually serving real food, but we finally managed it. By the time we had finished eating we were all pretty much ready to head back to Freiburg. So honestly, I pretty much only went to France for a late lunch, but it was a good day.

It was interesting because I always assume that when I go to a country where I don’t speak the language, I should just hope that, at least in the tourist-y parts of town, I can rely on my English. Instead of switching to English though, we stuck with German and the people there seemed much happier about that. It was interesting that they’d put the effort into speaking German, but not English.


Wednesday evening we all went over to Jamele’s for a game night. We played a couple card games and then were about to go into town for a drink when someone mentioned that the moon was supposed to turn red and suggested that we go to the Seepark quick to see it. We didn’t end up seeing much of the moon, but we did end up skinny dipping in the lake.

We went to Augustinerplatz after swimming for a drink and Jamele, her friend Greg who was visiting from Stuttgart (also an American) and I walked back to StuSie.


Thursday evening was Karaoke. It was pretty empty and all the songs were rather slow, but Jamele and I shook it up a bit by singing Beyonce’s Single Ladies. We freaking killed it. Next week we’re singing YMCA and I really can’t wait.


I spent pretty much all of Friday afternoon studying in the Seepark. I was so excited because I managed to finish what I thought was my only reading for my Monday class on Intellectuals, but when I came back to my flat I realized that actually, I had 3 more articles and about 100 more pages to read for Monday. That was a bummer.

Friday evening we went over to Jamele’s to watch a movie and get ready to go out. We ended up seeing a movie about a french student who goes on Erasmus to Spain. Erasmus is the european exchange program that all my friends are on, and it made me sad to see this film and think that it won’t be too long until I’m saying goodbye to everyone here. But let’s not think about that now.

The weather Friday evening was absolutely ridiculous. It was raining, but the kind of rain that is so intense it only lasts about five minutes before it lets up. It didn’t let up. By the time I had walked to Jamele’s, which is not even half a block away, my shoes and tights were completely soaked through. Three hours later when we left to go out, it was still coming down. It was like someone dumped a bucket of water over my head.There was a minimum of three inches of standing water on the road by the time we got to the club.

The place was pretty nice and was on the 17th floor of one of the only skyscrapers in Freiburg. They were playing pretty good music for once; normally all it is here is techno or house, but this was much more of what I’m used to from home.

At 2am or so we left there – thankfully it had stopped raining- and headed to Tacheles. After a while there I took the night bus home and got to bed by 4am. It was a fun night


Nothing too exciting happened yesterday because I knew that I would be busy today and so I pretty much did homework all afternoon. I love being productive, that was the one problem with this week is that I knew I had a lot of work to do, but because I didn’t have class all week I felt like I had all kinds of time to do homework later. But when I just sit around and don’t do anything, especially when I know I have stuff to do, I don’t really enjoy myself. It was nice to get things done.


This morning I went over to Jamele’s, made turkey salad sandwiches and then we met up with Halldis and went for a hike in the Black Forest. Let me tell you what, I am not used to climbing mountains, that hike really tired me out. It was gorgeous though and great to finally be in the Black Forest which I haven’t really done during the time I’ve been here.

The hike was supposed to be 3k up and 3k down, but it turned into about 3k up and then 5k on the way back. It began to feel like the trail would never end.

There were a lot of slugs though, and they were pretty huge. Next time, we’re bringing wine or beer and drinking every time we see a slug. If it’s neon orange then you have to drink twice (and yes, there were neon orange slugs and looked an awful lot like gummy worms).

That’s pretty much it for this week! Back to school tomorrow, though we do have Thursday off for another Catholic holiday. I hope this weeks blog makes up for the last couple that have been pretty lacking in the photo department. More photos, are of course, on Facebook.

Every day this week felt like Saturday and I kept catching myself thinking, “When I write my blog tomorrow…” This week felt like a mix between spring and summer break; spring because it was only a week, but summer because I feel like I shouldnt have class tomorrow because it’s summer. This German university schedule messes with my head sometimes.


4 Responses to “A Seven Day Break”

  1. Justin Says:

    Hey Sarah,
    great blog! just moved to freiburg and through google found your posts about karaoke in freiburg… which pub has it on thursday nights? thanks! -Justin

  2. Sarah Says:

    Freiburg Bar near Holzmarkt. Have fun and say hi to Ralph!

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