Monday afternoon I started keeping a budget. With less than two months left, I am getting to the point in my financial aid where, unlike before when I didn’t have to think about money at all, I need to be aware of exactly how much I’m spending. It’s not like I can’t go and do anything fun anymore, it just means is that I have to not only be aware of how much I’m spending, but also cap it at a certain amount (with some exceptions). It’s probably a good thing for me to have to do.

This week was very much just any other week. I went to class, had lunch with friends, did homework and stressed about all the stuff I have to do. Along with enough homework to keep me busy for what feels like forever, I also have to worry about getting stuff together for my apartment next year (if you have a bed frame you don’t want, let me know) and the real big thing is Grad School. That’s right folks, I’m graduating college in less than a year and that means Grad School applications are due in December. As if that’s not stressful enough, I also registered for the GRE last week which means that between term papers and studying for the GRE in September, I’m really not going to have much of a summer.

I don’t feel old enough to be concerned about grad school.

Thursday afternoon Danija came over and we went and hung out in the Seepark for a couple hours. Even though I had a lot of homework to do, it was nice to just take a break and go spend some time outside.

Summer weather here in Freiburg is rather disappointing, honestly. It’s been stuck in the mid to upper 60’s for a while now and isn’t forecasted to get much warmer. I heard all about your 105 weather back in MN, and for the first time since I got here, I was kinda jealous.

Friday evening we met up at my friend Halldis’ place, played a game of volleyball, watched a film and then went into town for a drink. We were planning on going to this Russian vodka bar, but because the cover charge was 5 euros, we just said screw it and went to a different bar instead. They were playing pretty good music, but after about an hour and a half, the place was so packed that it was really no fun anymore. Jamele and I walked back to StuSie.

Yesterday I went into town in the morning to buy a new ethernet cord because my old one randomly broke (honestly, I dont know what the eff is wrong with it), got a wurst on Münsterplatz and then picked up an Eis on the way home.

I used to think that my mom was weird whenever we would go to McDonalds for an ice cream and she’d make a comment on the quality. It was always something along the lines of “This is much better than the McD’s on X street” or “The consistancy was better last time.” I get it now. I frequently get the lemon gelato at this place next to my tram stop because it’s cheap and gives the biggest scoops in Freiburg. Yesterday I got a lemon gelato and found myself doing the exact same thing. Scary.

I worked on an essay pretty much all afternoon, which, even though it’s not due until a week from Monday, I need to get done by Tuesday so I can send it to that professor of mine to correct. This essay is also what I’m procrastinating by writing this blog now. You’re welcome.

I met up with Danija and Jamele last night for a couple drinks. We went to Feierling and sat outside in their Biergarten. I’m honestly not a big pilsner person, but that beer was excellent. Did I mention they brew it themselves?

After our beer we went to Schlappen which is a restaurant and bar right next to the Uni and had a drink. Remember how I mentioned a long time ago about the markers on the glass showing how full to fill it (,2l, ,33l, ,5l etc)? Well I got a glass of wine last night and let me tell you what, they completely forgot about that line. It was supposed to be only .2l, but I swear it felt more like .4l. Not that I’m complaining, I was just pleasantly surprised.

In February I bought a can of pringles that had a coupon for a free Whopper Jr. at burger king in it. Because of my no fast food rule (and because I’m not a huge fan of bk), I kept it in my wallet and saved it. I finally used it last night.

That hamburger was the first American fast food that I’ve had here in Europe and while it was kind of tasty, I wouldn’t pay my own money for it. Plus, they used far too much mayo.

It was, however, the perfect way to end the evening.

That pretty much wraps last week up. I have no class at all this coming week because of Pentecost (thanks, Jesus), and I have a pretty good week planned with my friends. This week includes pub quiz, karaoke, France, hiking and other shenanigans. I’ll tell you all about it (and show you too, I’m going to be real good about photos) next Sunday.

Somehow I also have to fit a bunch of homework in with all that. I don’t want to.

I need to start my term papers. Ugh.


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