A Mindless Ramble


I’m writing this while taking what I consider a very well earned break from working on my presentation. I have spent literally 8 solid hours sitting at my desk working on this thing, and even though I know it’s really bad, I need to take a break. Do you want to know the worst thing about doing presentations in German? Everything has to be planned out beforehand because I can’t BS in German to save my life.

This presentation is especially tricky, because unlike last semester where I presented a topic that we hadn’t discussed in class, this time I have to base it on a text we are all assigned to read. Basically, it’s like writing an essay, except in the form of a presentation. This means that I need to interpret the text and base and develop an argument off of that interpretation. I can do that no problem in English, but I am having problems doing all that in German and having it sound alright.

I feel like I forgot all my German over break.

I know I’m probably going to end up leaving class tomorrow feeling very embarrassed, but I’m reassuring myself with the fact that as long as I can grit my teeth and get it over with, I’ll only have two more days of class until it’s the weekend again.

That’s the nice thing about Germany, whenever Jesus did anything of any importance, we get class off.

My Professor from last semester sent me 30 pages to correct for later next week. Proofreading isn’t difficult, it’s just very time consuming. By the time I’m finished editing, I’ll have learned something about the Russian-Chinese border in spite of myself.

I’m not sick anymore. Well, not really. I still have a sore throat, but I went to the doctor earlier this week and he said it wasn’t Strep, so I’m just doing my best to ignore it. Honestly, it feels less like a sore throat and more like the back of my mouth is swollen. Weird

I honestly don’t feel like writing a blog today, so it’s going to be short and without pictures. I’ll do a better job next week, but after 8 hours of working on my computer, I feel much more like sitting and doing nothing. Although it is refreshing to be working in English. I’m very much in that I-really-dont-want-to-do-anything mode and blah. Sorry about the blog today, for the first time, I just wrote it because it, like all my other homework, just needed to get done.

Not that I see this blog as homework. In fact, more often than not I use writing my Sunday blog as procrastination, but after 8 hours of working at this keyboard, I’m having a hard time enjoying it. You know what I think the big problem is? It’s not the amount of time I spent working on it, but the fact that I know, in spite of working really hard, I’m still going to end up being embarrassed tomorrow. It’s like everything I did really made no difference and they won’t be able to tell I put any hard work into it. That sucks.

Next year is going to be so easy in comparison to this.

Yesterday was my friend Mari’s birthday so we all met up and grilled and hung out all afternoon.

Thursday evening I met up with a friend and we went and saw a movie at the university film club. They screen movies in a lecture hall and they’re only 1,50 which is really cheap. We got a gelato afterwards, it was a good evening.

I feel like this semester, whenever I’m not in class, I’m reading and whenever I’m not reading, I’m writing for class. Even though I do have plenty of free time, there isn’t ever a time where I don’t have homework to do which means it’s always on my mind. It’s kind of a bummer to have so much homework in the summer, but that’s what I’m here for, isn’t it.

I come home in a little over two months, how sad is that?


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