I apologize in advance for the lack of exciting and/or interesting things in this week’s blog. I’ve been sick since Wednesday and have therefore been staying rather close to home.

Don’t worry about me though, if I had to get sick, this is a pretty good way to do it. Basically, I dont feel all that sick, I’m not exhausted or out of it; the only thing really affected is my sinuses and my throat. I dont have much of a voice today, but hey, at least that gives me an excuse tomorrow to stay quiet in class.

The fact that I prefer to stay quiet in class here says a lot if you know how much I talk in class at home. I’m that girl who always is raising her hand in class. Always. Here on the other hand, though there are some exceptions, I shy away from answering in class because I know that even though I can get my point across, I’m not able to do it as eloquently as I’d like.

My Monday class is especially stressful because of this, however. There are only two people in that class who actually raise their hands to talk, so the professor just randomly calls on people to answer the question.

Thursday afternoon I finally got my last grade slip from last semester (that’s February if you were keeping track). I got a 3,4 on my 18 page German term paper which is basically a C. I’m honestly¬† just thrilled (and somewhat surprised) that I passed. I hated that class so much, I worked so hard and never got anything out of it. Glad to be finally done with first semester.

For some reason, this semester seems much harder than the last one.

Friday evening we had a movie night at my friends place. We watched a German film that was supposed to be a ‘quintessential German comedy.’ It wasnt all that funny.

I’ve missed out on a lot of parties this week because of being sick. Bummer.

Saturday morning I went to the Flea Market and even though I’m pretty sure it was smaller than the others I’ve been to, it was still pretty good. I remember last year sitting at my computer looking at different things on ebay wishing that I could buy them in person instead of through the internet. That is exactly what I do when I go to the flea market. I find old books, old photos, old memorabilia and I get the pleasure of choosing it by hand, and not on a screen. It makes a world of difference.

Later in the afternoon we hiked up to Danija’s new place in the Black Forest. I say ‘hiked’ because it is a pretty steep trek up to her place, but once you get there, it’s gorgeous.

We picnicked and hung out and basically just chilled all afternoon. It couldn’t have felt more like summer.

I’m sorry for the shortness of this blog, but I really just don’t feel much like doing anything except sitting and staring at my computer screen. Too bad I have a good couple hours of homework to do this afternoon. Ugh.

As to the title of my blog, Neuzeitler is a word one of my professors used this week to describe those of us who study modern history (Neuzeit is comparable to our term ‘modern era’). It has nothing to do with the blog today, but because I like the term so much and feel like it describes me pretty well, I made it the title.


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