Wurst, Beer, and Charcoal


Has anyone noticed how quickly the weeks have been flying by lately? I feel like I just got to Freiburg, and certainly not that I’m eight months into this with only three to go. Look at the months listed to the right of this text, how can there be so many?

Monday after class my friend Yi Qing and I went on a mission to find a fan. It was harder than it sounds, there arent many places that sell cheap things here and it’s not like I wanted a lifetime guarantee. All I wanted was something that’d barely make it through 3 months and then I can just chuck it.

I met up with some friends for lunch on Tuesday and had one of the best salads ever. The salad itself wasn’t all too remarkable, but the fact that it came with 10 mini eggrolls kind of sealed the deal. “Asian” salads at home should learn a thing or two from this one; you dont need sesame or peanut dressing when you have mini eggrolls.

I had currywurst for the first time Wednesday. Currywurst is a very German thing where they cut up sausages, cover them with curry flavored Ketchup, and then serve it with french fries. I’ve been kind of avoiding it because of the curry ketchup, but to be honest, it wasn’t half bad.

I finally had my Münster class on Wednesday. Aside from the fact that the room was far too small f0r the amount of people in it, it was really good. It’ll be interesting not only to learn about the building itself, but also the role it played in Freiburg in the Middle Ages. It’s about time I learned more about this city.

Friday evening we grilled. A couple of us met up in the city to buy food and charcoal and such and then we met up at my friend’s place to grill. We had a hard time getting the charcoal hot, but once we did it didnt take long to cook our wursts. We tried to grill some onions and such too, but not only did half of them fall through the grate, but the ones that survived were charred on the outside and almost raw on the inside. Fail.

Before I came to Germany, the idea of grilling without having hot dogs and hamburgers would not have sounded all that great. All you really need though is wurst or any other kind of meat (they sell some really good pre-marinated chicken or pork at the store) and beer. Can’t forget the beer.

Germans have a perfect summer beer called a Radler. Basically, it’s a pilsner with some lemonade mixed in. I asked my dad about it and he’d never heard of it. They serve it in bottles or on tap, it’s not some homemade thing. Does it exist in the States?

After quickly going home to change after grilling, a couple of us met up in town and went dancing. It was a 90’s themed party (at the same place as the 80’s themed one) and the place was packed. I mean, there was hardly any room to dance at all. There is no way that was not a fire hazard. It was so humid inside that it was like being in a steam room, and if you went outside to get some air, it was solid cigarette smoke. It was rather ridiculous.

It got to the point that at around 2am my friend Valentin and I left our other friends there and went home. That sentence makes it sound like we went home together, not so much. We walked into the city center where I took the night bus and he walked back (he doesnt live in StuSie).

Saturday morning I met up with Danija and we went to a used clothes flea market. Unless you were under the age of 10 or over the age of 60, there was literally nothing there worth buying. It was rather depressing. Good news though, the normal flea market is back next week which means military memorabilia and other historical things. I’m excited to see what I can find.

Afterward we went into town, got a wurst on the Münsterplatz, took a quiz about the EU at a little fair thing and then went to a used clothes store. I need to get my halloween costume from there before I leave. They sell dirndls and lederhosen and I tried on an old sailors shirt just for the hell of it. I am so getting a dirndl (or maybe lederhosen) for Halloween next year. It’d be perfect.

I stayed in last night because I felt like I was coming down with something, but I’m feeling much better today. I cant get sick, I just dont have the time.

I have 100 pages (in German) to read for one class this coming week, plus about 50 for another, and between two other classes about 30-40 more. On top of that, I have a weekly essay of 500 words and I need to start preparing for my presentation that is in two weeks. I’m going to have no time next week to do anything but go to class and study, lovely.

I’m sorry that my paragraphs hardly flow together at all, I just really cant be bothered with editing this any further than bare minimum. Just be glad I dont mix up your and you’re. That drives me effing crazy.


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