A Sunny Summer Semester


While all the american college students were wrapping up their spring semester this week, my semester here in Freiburg began. That’s right, folks! I’m back in school after a 2.5 month break and it’s going to be one tough semester.

I’m taking 5 classes and 34ECTS points (or 16 credits). The first class I’m taking is a Proseminar about the history and development of  Intellectuals over the last 200 years. Other than the large amount of reading I’m going to have to do, it sounds pretty interesting.

The next class I’m taking is a lecture about the relationship between Germany and the Czechs between 1848-1947. I went to the lecture on Tuesday half expecting to drop it, but it sounds like it’s actually going to be really interesting. I’m taking one other lecture which is an intro to the 19th century. I dont really like the 19th century, but I needed credits and it doesnt sound like it’ll be too boring. We shall see.

I’m taking a practical about the Freiburg Münster and the urban and religious roles it played throughout its history. We get to go to the Münster and to the city museum and such. I’d say it will be an interesting class but I haven’t actually had it yet because the professor was sick last week and cancelled. Ah well.

The last class I’m taking is another Proseminar and this one is about the UK under Margaret Thatcher. I’m not so sure how interesting it’s gonna be, and I have to do a page of writing a week, but I figure that if I’m going to do my masters in England, I should really have a background knowledge of their modern political history.

It’s so nice to be back to hearing and speaking German almost constantly. All my classes are, once again, completely in German and I’m the only international student in both of my Proseminars (there are 15-20 people in them). I love the language, I love speaking it and hearing it and I love living here. I had a nightmare the other night about having to come home in August. Yea.

Wednesday I met some friends for lunch at the cafeteria, and then just hung out on the grass on campus. The University doesnt have a campus like the U of M does, but it does have this quad area between the 3 main buildings where people can sit and chill and have a coffee. I’ve spent the majority of my free time this week there.

Because my afternoon class on Wednesday got cancelled, I hung out with some friends, came back to StuSie quickly and then went back there to meet up with some friends for dinner. There was a restaurant having a burger special, they were delicious. We saw the film Almanya after that, which is a German film about a family of Turks living in Germany. It was pretty good.

Thursday my wire transfer FINALY came through so I got a bockwurst on the münsterplatz to celebrate. I dont really remember what I did after that, except I’m pretty sure it involved sitting in the sun with some of my friends.

Friday evening Jamele had us all over for a belated Cinco de Mayo. It’s hard for me to imagine never having had refried beans, but none of my European friends had ever had Mexican food before. We made enchiladas and quesadillas and seven layer dip. It was delicious. We also had some pre-made pina coladas. It tasted like summer.

Just a side note, I didnt drink that whole bottle, though I did finish it off.

After dinner we went into town and had a drink at a cafe. It’s the season for girly fun drinks now and they’re tasty.

After doing homework Saturday morning, I met up with a couple people and we went and got a gelato and then went to a flea market. The Germans love their gelato and the flavors are amazing. I love the fruity flavors like mango, lemon, passion fruit and such. I almost bought a bike at the flea market, it was only 40 euros and the minute I decided against it, I started to regret not buying it. I kind of want a bike…

On the way back to StuSie I got to take one of the old trams. For some reason, Freiburg took out their old trams from the 50’s and had them running their old routes yesterday. According to the guy on the tram, the one I was on was introduced in ’53.

I met back up with some friends for dinner at a chinese restaurant and had some amazing lo mein. Saturday was mega-Samstag so all the stores were open till midnight so my friends and I met up at 8, went shopping and then we all went to Augustinerplatz which is a square in town where students hang out and drink. There’s no laws against open containers here, so we just sat on the cobblestones and drank a bottle of wine.

We went to the StuSie Bar party last night and it was packed. The bottom floor was like walking into a sauna and trying to get a drink at the bar was at least a 20 minute deal. The top floor was playing good music and we spent the majority of the night up there dancing.

I got to bed at like 3:30.

This week was a good, sunny start to summer semester. I got interesting classes, some fun nights out and a bit of a sun tan. As my time here in Freiburg begins to wind down, I’m going to make the very most of the next 13 weeks that I’m here.


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  1. PJ Says:

    carpe diem!

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