77 Days Later


Is it Sunday again already? I feel like this week flew by insanely quickly. The last week of vacations tend to do that though, dont they.

That’s right, folks! After 2.5 months (or 77 days) of spring break, summer semester starts tomorrow! I dont even know all my classes yet.

Let’s not talk about school this week though, I’ll tell you all about it next week when break is over. Right now, I just want to enjoy not having anything to do.

Alrighty then, lets start off on Monday. It was a brilliantly sunny day so we spent the afternoon in the Seepark and then Mari, Yi Qing and I went to a chinese restaurant to break passover. Now I know I was raised a Conservative Jew and all that jazz, but at the Johnson’s we keep passover reform. You should just be happy we didnt decide to keep it sephardic so that we could eat rice and such.

Tuesday I met up with some friends in town and then we went back to Mari’s place and made brownies. For some reason though, the recipe called for way too little flour, so we ended up with something much more like those volcano cakes where it’s cake on the outside and gooey on the inside. It was delicious.

Next day we went to Karaoke. I’d sung karaoke once before when we went on a cruise and when I told my dad I went the other night he said that karaoke on the boat was when he knew for sure  that singing would never be a part of my career. Yea, maybe he had a point. It was quite fun at the bar though and they give you a coupon for a free shot when you sing a song. I can handle that.

I FINALLY got most of my schedule late Friday afternoon. Each department at Uni Freiburg has different deadlines and different ways of registering for different levels of classes and the history department does Proseminars (a 3000 level class) in a way that I find quite unorganized. They have you fill out a form with your name and your top 3 choices for a Proseminar and then you put it in a ballot box outside one of the advisor’s office. Then, at 4pm on the Friday before the semester begins, they put up class lists and you have to go and find your name and hope you got the class(es) you wanted. I signed up for two, that means two term papers. Ugh.

So far I have three classes I’m taking for sure and then three others that I’ll go to this week and then pick two to continue for the semester. I need to get 30 points (or 15 credits) and right now I have 26 pts for sure. The other three are 4, 4, and 6pts respectively. We shall see.

Did I mention that I still don’t have my grades for two of my classes from last semester?

It was pouring all day Friday so I stayed in and watched Dr. Who. Did you see the new episode from last night? Intense.

Saturday was a pretty great day. I slept in, met up with Danija (who I hadnt seen since February) for a coffee, came back to StuSie where Yi Qing and I made chicken pot pie, met up with some friends in town for a beer and then went to a 90’s themed party. Sorry for that run-on sentence, but sometimes I just cant help it when talking about things I like, and I definitely liked yesterday.

Look at that chicken pot pie, isn’t it b-e-a-utiful? It turned out absolutely amazing, although it did make quite a mess. It’s times like these I definitely wish I had a dishwasher. Ah well, I’ll get around to it eventually.

One problem, I have an extra chicken breast in the fridge that I dont know what to do with. Ideas?

Alright, well that’s pretty much it for my last week of break! I keep wanting to say summer vacation but then I catch myself. In fact, it doesnt feel like break should be ending tomorrow, but rather that it should be starting. We’ll see how this whole going to school in the summer thing goes, I’m already dreading the term papers.

I forgot to take more than two pictures this week, sorry about that. I feel like since I’ve been here for so long the need to take pictures of everything has pretty much gone away. Sorry about that, I’ll try to get better.

Wish me luck tomorrow!


One Response to “77 Days Later”

  1. Robbi Says:

    Chicken breast: Chop in bite-sized pieces, stir fry in oil until browned, remove from pan. Stir fry assorted veggies, dump in some sort of sauce (soy sauce and sherry? Sriracha? Curry paste? A bit of garlic and/or minced ginger? Other?) Can add some broth and water and steam lightly, then add cooked chicken and stir around to heat it up. Voila! On the other hand, that chicken pot pie looks so good that I doubt you really need any suggestions on cooking.

    And good luck tomorrow!

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