Bookshelves and Bread Products


I’ve been here in the cities for just over a week now and it’s been really nice to be home. I’ve just been relaxing, spending time with family and some of my friends who arent away at school and doing all the things I’ve missed while abroad. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of making up for seven months without fast food.

The one big problem about Freiburg is that, because it’s a relatively small city, there really arent many places to buy good but cheap clothes and I’ve honestly gotten rather sick of shopping at H&M all the time. Monday afternoon my mom and I went to the Mall of America and it felt strangely like coming home. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much time working at the Macy’s there, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve gone shopping there ever since it opened (my parents actually took us there in our stroller on the first day it was open), but either way, being at the MoA was great.

The weather was beautiful Tuesday so my mom and I took a walk around Lake Nokomis and then went out to Eagan to start running errands for passover. We’re hosting the first Seder this year and are having 24 people over tomorrow (Monday) night and there’s a lot to do.

We got almost all of the cleaning and setting up done over the last couple days and today I got up early to chop up carrots and celery to make matzoh ball soup. Why is it that matzoh ball soup is so amazing? If you havent had my mom’s matzoh ball soup, you’re missing out. It’s delicious.

Wednesday my brother and I had dentist appointments so I picked up Phil at his dorm, parked at Coffman, got Panda Express for lunch and then went to the dentist. You’d think that after working at Panda Express last year I’d never want to eat it again but for some reason, it worked the exact opposite way. I love it. Oh, and no cavities at the dentist of course, and also no wisdom teeth. It’s not that they havent become a problem yet, my body for some reason just decided not to make them. Maybe it’s my body’s way of apologizing for me having to get 15 teeth pulled when I was a kid.

I had a doctor’s appointment Thursday morning and then I FINALLY had mcdonalds for lunch. After that, I went to the Wescott Library book sale. This book sale is once a year and it is absolutely amazing. All Library discards, donated books and such are sold in the basement of the library for 50c for a paperback and a buck for hardcovers but if you buy 4 paperbacks, you get one for free. I went by myself on Thursday and then with my mom and brother on Friday. I got 17 books.

The book sale culminates on Sunday with a bag sale which is where you can fill up a grocery bag with books and it only costs $3. I went with Amy this afternoon and honestly, it’s kind of like going to heaven. So many books.

I love books. I have what you could almost call far too many, although I dont think it’s possible to have too many books. I have an entire bookshelf full of simply non-fiction (which I enjoy reading just as much as a novel) and two tubs full of fiction (which you can see in the photo because I was alphabetizing it, that sounds so nerdy). I have almost all books written by Thomas Mann (about half of which I have in both English and German) and Chaim Potok, I have tons of Ray Bradbury, George Orwell and Douglas Adams. I was told this week that it would be hard to judge the type of person I am based on my books alone, but I disagree. I like books that are written well, I think that says a lot.

Friday night my parents and I went to a restaurant in Highland to have their Friday fish fry. That’s the nice thing about this time of the year, all restaurants have fried fish specials on Friday. That, and the easter candy.

I woke up Saturday morning to something I havent seen since December: snow. I forgot that Minnesota isnt like Freiburg and doesnt have 75 and sunny every day in April. Bummer. At least it was all gone by noon, but having to brush my car off was rather depressing.

I met up with three friends yesterday afternoon and we got lunch at the Cheeky Monkey Cafe in St Paul and then wandered around Grand Ave. It was great to see more friends from home, I’m just kind of sad that I’ll hardly get any time with them this summer.

We went in to a couple little clothing stores and all I wanted were the summer dresses. I hardly ever wear dresses, but I figure now is as good of a time as any to start. I never wore scarves before I went to europe, I can do the same thing with dresses.

After helping my mom prep the chicken soup I drove out to Augsburg to pick up Amy. She took me out to lunch at this restaurant called the Wienery. I got a chicago style hot dog and let me tell you what, it was as good if not better than the hot dog I had while I was actually in Chicago. I’m pretty sure this hotdog changed my life. It’s so close to campus too, I have a feeling I’ll be there a lot next year. It was amazingly delicious. They were on Diners, Drive-in and Dives a little while back.

Well that’s about all I’ve gotten up to this week. I have another couple days left in the cities and then I fly back to Germany Friday morning.

Enjoy the last day of chametz, all you people keeping passover. That’s going to be interesting, keeping passover in Germany. I might have a hard time keeping it seeing as even the Matzoh they sell there isn’t kosher for passover, but I’ll try my best.


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