A Kind of Homecoming


Seven months ago tomorrow I got on a plane to Germany, two days ago I got off a plane in Minneapolis. That’s right, I’m home. Granted, I’m only here for a two week visit but it’s still nice to be back.

Thursday afternoon I took a train to Frankfurt and spent the night in a hotel. I had to stay at a hotel by the airport so it wasnt cheap, but at least it was nice. The only bad thing about it was that it was in a relatively industrial area which meant that there was nowhere to go and nothing to do.

I took a walk looking for a place to get dinner and all there was was a small little restaurant across the street from my hotel. This restaurant was absolutely amazing. I ordered a chicken schnitzel and seeing as it was only 6 euros, I figured all I would get was the schnitzel itself. Instead, I got a pretty good sized salad, a ton of french fries and the schnitzel was so hot that it was still sizzling. It was delicious, and 14 euros cheaper than getting something at the hotel.

Friday morning I had an 8 1/2 hour flight from Frankfurt to Detroit. The nice thing about flying West is that even though I was in the plane for so long, I had daylight the entire way. My plane took off from Frankfurt at 10am and landed in detroit at 12:30pm. So much better than going east. Plus,I finally got to see Harry Potter 7.1 in english on their in-flight screen things.

I had a three hour layover in Detroit and then a 1 1/2 hour flight to Minneapolis. The nice thing about short flights is obviously the fact that they’re short, but because its so short, the planes are often smaller which means more turbulence. The flight to detroit was mostly smooth, the flight to Minneapolis made up for it. It was a bumpy ride.

My parents and brother picked me up at the airport and we went directly from there to White Castle, the first fast food I’d had in 7 months. It was delicious.

I woke up yesterday at 5am because my body thought that it was still in Germany and that sleeping till noon was late enough. I hung out at home until 9 and then my dad and I went to verizon to get a US phone number. My old number doesnt exist anymore, so let me know if you want my new one. New number, same old phone. I love my phone here, if my German cell has taught me anything it’s that I want nothing to do with touch screens.

The only bummer about my new number is that whoever had it before me had credit problems because I’ve gotten probably 10 calls from a credit company asking to speak to someone named Terry. I’ve asked them repeatedly to take my number off of their list but each time I do, they apologize say that it takes 24hrs to register in their system. If I get one more call I’m blocking the number.

I had Arby’s for lunch yesterday and then went to super america and got an Arizona iced tea. I missed junk food.

I met up with Amy Balto for little while yesterday afternoon. Even though we only hung out for like an hour, it was like 7 months hadnt passed. I missed her.

Later, my brother and I went to half priced books and then my mom made chicken pot pie for dinner. By the time dinner rolled around though I was pretty much exhausted. I had been up since 5am and my body was still partly on German time to 7pm felt like 2am. I went to bed at 9.

I’ve only been here a couple days, but it’s like I was never gone. I dont really know what I expected to come back to, but so far it’s like I’ve just slid back into the place I was before I left. Here at home with my family, driving around, everything looks the same. The only difference is now I have something else to compare it to.

There are so many flags here. Germany is understandably rather cautious about being perceived as nationalistic, which means that even though the German flag is flown in some places, compared to here, it’s hardly flown at all. Flags are everywhere here, almost every building, houses, everywhere.

I’m going over to my Baubie and Zadie’s house later this afternoon and I’m really excited to see them. It’s been so long.

Oh, and just to rewind to last Tuesday, I met up with my professor and discussed the job editing a book. First of all, not only did I get a perfect grade on my term paper, but he also gave me an A+ in the class itself. But anyways, I unfortunately didnt get the job just because I wont be in Germany long term, and the other professor wanted someone he could talk to face-to-face. It’s too bad that it didnt work out, but I completely understand his reasoning. I’m just happy that my writing got me recognized in such an exciting way. I cant wait until it’s me looking for people to help proofread my next book.

Though I didnt get the job with the other professor, I did end up with something that is almost as good. I told you that my professor had sent me two articles he had written in English to proofread and he liked what he saw. Basically, he is going to continue sending me his English writings to correct and in return I can send him any essays or term papers I write in German. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

I’m here in the Cities until the 22nd.

Oh, and sorry about the lack of photos… it’s not like you’d like to see photos of the inside of an airplane anyways.


One Response to “A Kind of Homecoming”

  1. Amy Balto Says:

    I made your blog!!! It is such an honor : )
    I can’t wait to fly around the world.

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