The End of Editing


This week’s blog is not only early, but its also going to be short. As you’re probably aware, I post new blogs on Sunday, but since I leave tomorrow for a week in Munich and England, it was now or never.

I handed in my German term paper on Tuesday! All 20 pages of it. I feel pretty good about it honestly, content wise at least. It was about the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools and whether or not the phrase ‘under God’ violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. I can safely say that I know far more about the pledge than anyone ever should, but it was an interesting topic nonetheless.

My second term paper which was actually in English (well, he gave us the option to write in English if we wanted and I honestly didnt have time for 2 German ones) was due Today (Friday). I turned it in, returned my books to the library and walked away from first semester. It was about time.

I’m not feeling so confident about this paper. Its about the Six-Day War in Israel and the Jewish return to the Western Wall. The class was about borders so I had to write about how the past of the wall united the present and bridged the gaps between generations and such. I hardly ever like the way my writing sounds, but professors usually do so hopefully he’ll read it and see something far better than I do.

Even though I’d love to get a good grade on these papers, I honestly just need to pass. I really need to pass.

Its weird for me to worry about passing a class. At the U, it’s never an issue of if I’m going to pass, but rather will I pass with an A or an A. I dont like this pass/fail mentality, I just feel like it gives me an excuse to do everything half-assed if I wanted to which I absolutely don’t. The only exception would be if I had to take math again, but I never will so whatever.

Last night was St. Patricks Day so a couple of my friends and I went to one of the Irish pubs here in town. We wanted to go to the second one, but when we got there the line out the door was ridiculous. Aside from the Guinness, we got a shot that they were offering called the ‘Irish flag,’ which was delicious. It was layered with creme de menth(green) on the bottom, then baileys(white) and cognac(yellow) on top, it was super tasty.

I hate to say it, but that’s really all I got to say for this week. I  mean, its really only been a couple days since my last blog and almost all I’ve done this week is edit papers. I’m going over to my friend’s flat tonight for a movie and then tomorrow I’m off on an adventure!

I head to Munich tomorrow morning, fly to London on Tuesday, on Thursday I am going to my roommate from Freiburg’s place near Cambridge (she’s coming down to London to hang out on tues or wed), and then Friday morning I go to stay with a different friend in Birmingham. I fly home Sunday morning.

I am so excited.


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