Smack Dab in the Middle


Yes, I know this blog is a day early, but tomorrow at this time I’ll be in Berlin so it’s now or never. I’m afraid I dont have much to go on about this week, I really didnt do all that much except for working on term papers and such.

My roommate Sarah left for England on Tuesday, so I had the flat to myself for the majority of the week. Not like this is anything new though, because she pretty much lives with her boyfriend, but still.

Tuesday morning we were supposed to go snowboarding, but she had to be back in Freiburg by 3pm and it was just too expensive for such a short time. Instead, we played with edible playdough. Apparently her sister gave it to her for her birthday a week or so ago and though it definitely wasnt as exciting as snowboarding was, with edible playdough at least there was no danger either one of us would break a bone.

They turned into cookies when we baked them.

On Wednesday a couple of us went to see the new James Franco movie 127 Hours. Its about that one climber who got stuck between a rock and had to cut his own arm off to survive. Yea, they didnt really need to show every single gory detail. I wouldnt necessarily recommend it.

Thursday was Marc and Lucia’s goodbye party. Marc went back to Barcelona earlier today and Lucia goes back to Italy on Monday. Its rather sad to think that unless they come back to visit this summer, I’m probably never going to see either of them again.

Speaking of leaving, this weekend marks the halfway point of my 11 months in Germany. That’s right folks, after five and a half months in Freiburg, it’s halfway over. I dont want to go home.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for as long as I have, I mean 5 1/2 months is almost half a year. Where did time go? I honestly cant believe its been that long. I feel like I got here two weeks ago, and yet in some ways I feel like I’ve already been here a year. Weird.

I finished the first draft of my German term paper on Thursday. It’s 18 pages, including the cover page and index. I sent it off yesterday to get corrected, it costs €1.20 per page to get it corrected which I’m more than happy to pay. I’ll probably have them correct it at least once more, its a small price to pay for passing the worst class I’ll probably ever take.

There are a couple different people/organizations that do this correcting, and not all of them are so reasonably priced. My friend gave me a couple links to people that correct international student’s papers, and one of them asked €70 to correct the same thing that I’m paying the other guy €22 to do. Needless to say, I made the right decision.

Alright, well that’s pretty much it for this week. I’m meeting Gramma, Grampa and Amy in Berlin tomorrow and fly back to Freiburg on the 9th of March. There won’t be a blog next Sunday, but I’ll write an extra long one with tons of pictures when I get back to make up for it.

The only bummer about the whole thing is that I only have 8 pages of my other 15 page term paper written so I’ll have to work on it while I’m with them. Ah well, I wont be bored on any trains, I guess.

I’m really excited though, plus this is the first family I’ll have seen in person since September.

Do you know how much history I’m going to see over the next 10 days?!

I cant wait.



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