Hausarbeits and Handballs


Welcome to the first week of Semester break! It really hasnt felt like a break from anything though seeing as I’ve spent practically all my free time either studying or writing term papers.

I retook that awful history final on Wednesday, which meant that I spent pretty much all of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday studying for the damn thing. I have never felt worse about a test than I did after finishing it Wednesday morning. The test that I took this week was exactly the same, question for question, as the one I had taken a week before. That did not exactly fill me with confidence. Somehow I managed to scrape by and pass, but it was definitely the hardest test I’ve ever taken.

Wednesday afternoon I shifted my attention away from finals and on to term papers. I have two term papers, both of them must be a minimum of 15 pages 1.5 spaced, but only one of them is in German. My borders professor gave me the option of writing in English, and based on the fact that my other paper should be closer to 20 pages, I chose to accept his offer and write in English. I just simply don’t have the time to do both.

I’m making really good progress on my German term paper, but I honestly do not know when I’m going to find time for the other one. I’m meeting family in Berlin on Sunday and dont get back to Freiburg until the 9th, a week before both papers are due. Time is not exactly something I have a lot of these days.

Alright, enough of the boring stuff, you should know that I had a pretty good week when not stressing about tests or papers.

Monday night we all went over to my friend’s flat for Valentines day dinner. We cooked sushi and carbonara and hung out. It was also a quasi going away party because Danija left for Latvia the next day. She’s coming back in April for next semester, but that’s still a ways away. A couple of my friends are only here for one semester though and leave around the end of this month. Its weird to think that after they leave, I’ll probably never see them again. Sad.

Wednesday night we saw the new Matt Damon movie Hereafter. It was okay, but it went on forever and was rather depressing and/or boring. I wouldn’t pay money to see it again, that’s for sure.

Thursday my friend came over to cook dinner and watch The King’s Speech. If you havent seen that movie yet, it’s new (it just opened in German theaters) and is absolutely amazing. Normally I’d say the fact that I’m so in love with this movie had a lot to do with me being a nerd about history, but its been nominated for 12 Oscars, so I guess its just an amazing movie. You need to see it. Seriously.

Friday night a couple of us watched a German movie called “Keinohrhasen” or ‘Rabbit without ears.’ It was pretty good, but you probably wont like it if you dont like chick flick movies.

Friday night my friend Halldis mentioned that there was a soccer game the next day (Saturday) and that we should see if we could get tickets. Turns out that even on game day, the ticket office at the stadium closes at 2 while the game didnt start until 3:30. Instead of getting there super early however, we managed to figure out that the company in charge of the tram system here sold tickets in their main office until 4pm. I was honestly rather surprised when we were able to buy our tickets.

The Freiburg soccer stadium is a square outdoor stadium with two sides of bleachers and two sides standing room only. We stood, it was significantly cheaper.

Something interesting for those of you who have never been to a soccer game abroad, team scarves are far more prevalent than jerseys or caps (though those are sold too). They’re embroidered with the team logo and colors and are waved around in the air whenever your team scores.

Freiburg’s team, SC Freiburg (Sport Club Freiburg) played Wolfsburg and won, 2:1. It was a fun game although I dont quite understand how soccer is almost more of a religion than a sport to a lot of these people.

Even though it was in the mid 40’s, after spending almost four hours outside I was freezing and tired and all I wanted to do was curl up at home and watch a movie, which is exactly what I did.

Well, that about wraps it up for this week! You can probably expect a blog a bit early this week as I leave for Berlin early Sunday morning, but we’ll see.

And as always, more photos are on Facebook!


One Response to “Hausarbeits and Handballs”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Congrats on making it through the final exams. Have fun in Berlin; the term papers will get done somehow. I am really excited to say that I will get to see you in MN in April! Mark and I will come for a very short visit, but will be there for the first seder. I was really hoping we could work it out to come up and visit while you’re there.

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