The Last Lap


What if I told you that I didnt take any pictures again this week? I meant to I swear, but just didnt manage it. Sorry. I promise I have a legit excuse though; its finals time.

Monday was my final for my Borders class. I dont really know if it qualifies as a final, because though it is the one big test at the end of the semester, the whole purpose is passing so that I’m able to write my term paper that’s due in March. The German Uni system is rather odd in that all the presentations and essays you do during the semester dont really count towards your final grade. Theyre more there to show participation and in case your term paper isnt that great it gives the professor more options for grades.

I dont know what grade I got on that borders test (I find out tomorrow), but I know I passed and that’s really all that matters.

Even though the grades I get here dont count towards my GPA at the UofM (theyre considered as transfer credits), its still really weird to approach a test thinking that all I need to do is pass. I just really need the credits, but I’d love to get good grades too if I can. We’ll see what happens.

On Tuesday we saw Black Swan (which was definitely not what I expected, but still good), Thursday we went Irish dancing again and Friday night some friends and I watched a movie at my other friend’s flat. Otherwise I didnt have that exciting of a week because we all have finals and stress and such.

On Wednesday I got a package from Jill with two big bags of cheetos and two big bags of ruffles sour cream and cheddar chips. Seriously made my day, I already ate one bag of ruffles, and now I got to ration the other three. Yummm.

Tomorrow is my last secularization class which, because I hate it, I am really excited to be done with. Wednesday I have a history final that I’m kind of freaking out about, but since it’s multiple choice I’m not too scared. History I can handle.

That’s about it really, I’m sorry this blog is so short but I really dont have much to say and have no photos to show you. It’s just the stress of finals, but with break starting Thursday afternoon, I’m sure I’ll have more to say next Sunday.

I’d tell you to enjoy the Super Bowl, but we all know that the best part of Super Bowl Sunday is the return of Glee!!


One Response to “The Last Lap”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Good luck on the finals, Sarah (not that you’ll need LUCK, knowing you). I took a couple of pass/fail courses along the way, and it’s freeing to just concentrate on learning for its own sake, without the grading stress.

    Don’t worry about the photos or lack thereof. They’re nice, of course, but reading about your experiences and impressions of things is the best part of your blog.

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