A Quick Rundown


This week has been a combination of realizing that finals start in less than two weeks and being sick enough to really not want to go anywhere or do anything. Because of both of these two things, I have unfortunately taken no new photos this week.

Faced with the options of either pulling up some old, irrelevant photos from the last four months or doing a relatively short, bare-bones blog, I decided on the latter. Sorry about that, I’ll try to take some more photos this week, but with finals literally around the corner, I’m not promising much. Semester break should make up for the current lack of pictures, however.

January 28th I have an oral exam for my lecture on the 20th Century. While normally I probably wouldnt even study for a class like that except by maybe watching some history channel documentaries, this 20th Century is different from the other one I’ve learned about for so long. How is that, you ask? This time its Euro-centric, and that makes all the difference.

For example, learning about WW1 is completely different. I’ve spent my entire life learning about WW1 from the viewpoint of a country who not only won the war, but only spent 8 months fighting in it. Instead, I’m learning about it from the country who was not only one of the first to start fighting, but the only Central Power who really had to face its aftereffects. And we all know how that turned out…

Whenever we read about trench warfare at home, its always about the people who were on the same side as us, the British and the French. Here, its the exact opposite. We learn about the Germans in the trenches, and its fascinating.

But anyways, the nice thing about this oral exam is that the professor is doing it only for international/ERASMUS (the EU exchange program) students. The full-time students have to take a written exam instead. Hopefully this means that the professor will be more understanding with grammatical and/or vocabulary issues. We’ll see. I’m not that nervous for this test, honestly.

January 31st I have a final in my Border class. Its a short answer test, and I have no idea what sort of things we’re supposed to know. Apparently it hasn’t even been written, and we’re not scheduled to discuss it until the Thursday beforehand. No worries though, I’ll make it work. I am, in general, a good test taker.

Last but certainly not least is a multiple choice exam in my Introduction to History class on the 9th of February. Multiple choice + history = happy Sarah. Multiple choice + history + German = Sarah hoping the professor allows me to have a dictionary. Either way, as long as the questions arent worded awfully, I shouldnt have too rough a time on it.

The class itself covers a large range of time (4 weeks on atiquity, middle ages and modern era respectively), but the central themes that run through the course are very clear, so with the right kind of studying, I should do just fine. I hope.

After that final, I’m so done with the semester. I’ll still have two 15 page papers due at the end of March, but I’ve already made some progress on those, and should have them roughly put together before the end of February which means I’ll just have editing to do over break. I’ve got some pretty awesome travel plans in the works for my 2.5 month break and I really dont want to spend that time worrying about papers.

I’m counting down the days till break. I’m so excited.

Gonna go to Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Munich, London, MINNESOTA, and who knows where else. Travel is relatively cheap within the EU, and I want to do as much of it as I possibly can while I’m here.

I love living in Germany. I love the German language. I love having 50º weather in January. I love that regardless of where in Europe I am, I am never more than a couple hours or so from a country with a different culture than the one I’m currently in (although here in Freiburg, its 45min to both France and Switzerland). This may be the first time I’ve lived abroad, but it will definitely not be the last. In fact, I’m kind of toying with the idea of getting my masters in Europe. We’ll see what happens.



2 Responses to “A Quick Rundown”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Getting your master’s in Europe? That would definitely give us a reason to go there for a visit…

  2. PJ Says:

    You can achieve whatever you set out to do. Have a good day.

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