Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht


Merry Christmas!

Sorry about the rambling later on, dont say I didnt warn you.

I did the Jewish thing yesterday and went to see Harry Potter at the theater downtown. I’ve seen it twice now in German, but I really want to see it in English… ah well. I was honestly rather surprised to find out that the theater was open Christmas day here, I figured that since everything pretty much shuts down for Sunday, absolutely nothing would be open on Christmas. It was a pleasant surprise.

Germany is quite a contradiction when it comes to these things, actually. For example, no stores are open on Sundays, the state shuts down for Christian holidays and the division between Catholic and Protestant is very much alive and well. On the surface, it appears to be a very religious culture. Secularization however, is everywhere. People dont hesitate to openly question God and the bible, in classes that have nothing to do with religion, students have openly attacked the bible and Christianity in general. England put out a coin a couple months ago with Darwin on one side. None of that could ever happen in the States, there are too many people to get offended.

Imagine walking into your office for a meeting, or your classroom for a discussion, you would never tell the entire group of people that God doesnt exist, the bible is just a bunch of stories and that you cant imagine how anyone could believe all that stuff. There’s no way you would do that, is there? It’s a very different attitude over here.

Winter break started on Thursday and goes through the 9th of January. Pretty much all of my friends went home for the break, so I dont have much else to do besides researching and hopefully writing (or at least starting) my two 15 page papers due in March. I know it seems a bit proactive of me, but we start again on the 10th, finals are three weeks after that, and then my 2.5 month break starts mid February and the last thing I’m going to want to do is write two 15 page papers. The more I do now, the more travelling I can do later.

Up until Thursday, it was ridiculously warm here. I mean like 45-50 degrees warm, it was amazing. All the snow was gone, I didnt need a hat or a scarf, and I could wander around the market as long as I wanted. On Friday it began to snow a little bit, and Christmas day I woke up to this:It probably made a lot of people very happy, having a white Christmas, but all I could think of was that it was cold again. Snow’s very pretty and all, but I’m much more fond of sun and warmth and being outside without wanting to turn around and go right back inside again.

Christmas Eve I made some manischewitz matzoh ball soup from a mix I got in a care package and watched “Man of the Year,” a 2006 Robin Williams movie. I do this thing on youtube where I’ll be watching a video of someone, see a related video of someone else, and then before I know it I’ve spent three hours doing nothing but watching videos from them. That’s what happened with Robin Williams.

It’s actually a pretty long chain (considering that I was introduced to QI in the beginning of November) to get to Robin Williams. To avoid boring you with rambling sentences, I’m gonna use arrows (which represent a change in what I was watching)  to show you how it worked. Lets start with the BBC comedy panel show QIStephen Fry Alan Davies → BBC show Jonathan Creek → Alan Davies stand upMock the WeekDara O’BriainBill Bailey Bill Bailey and Robin WilliamsRobin Williams. An that my friends, is why I love youtube. Aside from the Vlogbrothers at least.

On a side note, I’m kind of falling in love with the BBC.

Sometimes I feel like I hear more British English than American over here. Pretty much the only time I hear American English is when I talk to people on Skype, other than that, British English is everywhere. In fact, I’ve noticed that I’ve started to use proper as an Adverb (I think that’s right, I’m awful at grammar). For example, that was proper weird. I like British English.

I found a cheap second hand book seller the other day. I use the word ‘seller’ instead of ‘store’ because it really is just a guy with a bunch of books stacked on some tables just across from the market. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing, I finally found somewhere where I can buy interesting cheap used books without having to literally wade through a pile of other uniteresting things, but its bad, really bad, because it means that I’m going to start buying books again. You may say thats not a bad thing at all, and it wouldnt be if I was in Minnesota, but you forget that I have to bring everything back with me in August. Books are heavy, they take up room, but I love buying and reading them. I’d almost say I collect books, I have slightly more fiction than non, but not by much.

Just a short thing, unless I say otherwise, everything I tell you about, whether it’s a book, a movie, a lecture or something else, everything is always in German. I’d let you know it was in English by saying something along the lines of “and it was even in English!”

I bought three books from this guy, 1984, which I own in english already, but why not have it in German as well, a short story from Thomas Mann who is my favorite author of all time, and a book published in 1950 about the last couple months of the war. It was 6.50, but I had to have it. Nine euros for three books is a pretty good deal, right? That’s why I told you it was a bad thing, in fact, its quite dangerous.

My parents bought me bookshelves at a garage sale earlier this fall, I’m so excited to get my books out of plastic tubs and onto shelves where they belong.

Sorry about the lack of pictures this week, even if I did have more, they wouldnt be of anything exciting anyways.

Putting together those youtube links took me an hour because I kept getting distracted by other videos. Yea..


2 Responses to “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Don’t worry about not having a lot of photos. I like hearing what you have to say even more. Have you thought much about where you want to travel during your break? What I wonder is how you’ll narrow it down from all the possibilities!

  2. Samantha Says:

    I’m lovin’ the vlogbro’s link. It’s funny bc you’re blog is basically like one giant “thoughts from places” video. I expect a picture of you waking up in the morning 😛 miss youuuuuuu! ❤

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