I went to Milan for the day yesterday. The bus left Freiburg at 6:15 in the morning, we got to Milan at about 11:30, left Milan at 6:30 and got back to Freiburg at about Midnight. It was a long, but pretty great day.

The drive to Milan was just as gorgeous as the city itself. The bus took us down through Basel, Switzerland and then through the Alps into Italy. Some of the vistas were simply breathtaking. Unfortunately, it was rather hard to get a good picture out of the bus windows. This photo is a view from behind the rest stop. Fun fact: rest stops in Switzerland charge 1 Euro to use the bathroom. Bottom line, Switzerland is an absolutely gorgeous country.

Because there are so many mountains, there are equally as many tunnels. I’m not talking about the “hold your breath till we get to the other side” tunnel, no, these ones last for miles. The longest one we went through lasted approximately 15 minutes, and was at least 10 miles long – slightly longer than the equivalent of driving from Sibley to the Mall of America except completely underground. The fact that it has its own wikipedia page should be enough to clue you in to how big it was. It was rather impressive.

We got to Milan at about noon, and took a quick tour of some of the more notable landmarks like the Sforza Castle and the cathedral and such. This was probably my least favorite part of the trip, just because the people giving the tour had obviously just taken notes off of Wikipedia.The buildings themselves however, were very impressive

The Cathedral was gorgeous, and inside above the pews hung artwork depicting various religious scenes. My only problem with seeing Cathedrals and such is that I really do not have any idea what I am seeing. It’s all so pretty, and obviously has a purpose, but I have no frame of reference to understand exactly what that purpose is/was. I feel kind of lost in churches, honestly.

I like the Freiburg Münster Cathedral more than the one in Milan, it feels more like a church and less like a museum.

After the tour, we got about four hours of free time to ourselves. A girl from the Ukraine and I spent that time enjoying pasta, trying to find a flea market and basically just wandering around the city. We never did find the flea market, because google maps was retarded, but we walked around a part of the actual city, not just the old main part. It’s always interesting to see how people actually live in cities that are so defined by their history and their symbolism.

Besides pasta, I had a cannoli from a small cafe and a small panini. The whole panini thing is a story in itself. There are a lot of people around the main tourist attractions who try to rip you off by giving you something like a bracelet or bird seed for the pidgeons for free, and then once theyve given it to you, they make you give them a couple euros. Basically, its just one giant scam. So when Kateryna got a glass of wine at a cafe and the waiter put a plate of panini appetizers on the table as well, we were slightly wary. In fact, we just kind of stared at them for a little before deciding screw it, and ate them. They were delicious, and actually free.

Milan transforms at night. While the city was gorgeous during the day, the atmosphere changed perceptively once the sun went down. It was only then that I really got a feeling of being in a different country. It’s really too bad that we had to leave at around 6:30pm.

I am so used to only speaking German when in public, that it took a conscious effort not to speak in German when ordering food and such. I am also so used to always being able to communicate with people here in Germany, that not understanding a word of what was being said was actually slightly frustrating.

I dont ever want to leave Europe. Here’s an idea, lets all just move to England. Then, you can still speak English, you are only an hour or two from the continent and who knows, you might even pick up the accent. Do I really have to come back to Minnesota? You got snow yesterday, I get sunny and 50F.

I can think of no better way to spend 50 Euros and a Saturday than a trip to Milan. I had an absolutely amazing time.

I took a lot more photos while I was there, they’re all on Facebook.

I want to travel everywhere. I want to go to Rome, to France, Prague, Austria, England, Ireland, every single German city I can possibly manage, and everywhere else that I didnt mention just because there are too many places to list. I want to travel while everywhere is so close to me.

I’m going to Konstanz in two weeks and Nuremberg in three.


2 Responses to “Milano”

  1. PJ Says:

    Glad your trip was awesome! Get on every weekend tour you can possibly find.

  2. Robyn Says:

    I love reading your posts. It’s great that you’re having such a wonderful time. Go for it!

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