A Dress Rehersal for Christmas Day


I FOUND DR. PEPPER!!!! Sometimes its the simple things that make my day. YAY DR PEPPER!

Look! Pictures are back! Haha

Halloween was really fun. No one really dressed up or anything, and everyone who is not American doesnt understand why we trick-or-treat. My halloween started off pretty random, okay, really random. I was walking to Penny Markt to pick up some last minute groceries and two German guys who were walking in front of me turned around and were like, “You’re in a seminar with us, arent you?” Just in case you were ever wondering, the Germans do actually really like David Hasselhof. Part of it is definitely because he thinks he made the Berlin Wall come down single-handedly though. After a couple beers at one of their places, we went to the StuSie Halloween party. I had a good night.

We were talking about where we had traveled and I said Israel. “Are you Jewish?” Yeppp. Tell you what, I’m used to answering the question “If youre Jewish, why German?” when I’m at home, but now I can say I was asked that by a German and in German while in Germany. They were disappointed to hear that when you ask the average American about the Germans, the first thing they think of is Nazi Germany. “Its sad that they only know us for 12 years out of 2000.” Definitely a conversation that I was not expecting, but was very interesting nevertheless.

I never did end up getting those groceries…

Sunday mornings here suck. It’s not only because all the shops are closed and I cant get groceries, but mainly because a church somewhere around here rings their bells for literally a half an hour every freaking Sunday at like nine in the morning. As I lie in bed half asleep listening to those stupid bells, I have to make a conscious effort not to get up, find whoever is responsible and strangle them. I know this probably sounds over-dramatic, but its just so obnoxious and so completely unnecessary that it makes me mad when I’m lying in bed trying to sleep.

Its like in My Cousin Vinny when he goes downstairs at his hotel and asks the guy if that train goes by every day at 5am. Gosh, I love that movie.

You know what’s worse than Sundays? All Saints Day. I just assumed that like our public holidays at home, banks and schools are closed, but most shops are still open, you know? Nope! Everything is closed. Bummmerrrr. I guess this is just practice for christmas… lovely.

Did you know that Daylight Savings Time is on different days on different continents? My planner that I bought in the States before I left says that it ends next week (the 7th) but here it ended on the 31st. I didnt know that Saturday night though, so my friend and I made a bet that whoever was right had to buy the other one a shot next time we went out. Turns out we were both right. That’s a dumb system.

Writing two 15 page papers is going to be difficult… I have an essay for my secularization class due this coming Saturday and I wanted to get a head start on it this afternoon. It only has to be about one page long but even so, it took me forever to take what I wanted to say and make it come out in a legitimate, grammar-edited academic manner.

As you can see, this simple task required every single weapon in my arsenal. I’ve got to admit, the paragraph I got is a darn good paragraph. I’d call that a success.


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