Pathetic Plants and Pretty Pictures


I’m assuming you all can read. You can, cant you? I mean I understand if you prefer blocks of texts to be broken up by pictures, but I’m assuming that your mind can recognize the shapes and patterns that make up writing. You can? Good, because there are no pictures in this post. Sorry. If you want to look at pictures, I found a nice childrens storybook for you to read. You’re welcome. You could also go back and read some of my older posts and comment them and tell me how awesome you think my life is and how jealous you are that you arent here with me in Germany and how much you appreciate the wonder that is my writing style. Just giving you some options.

Update: I swear I just wrote this all in good fun… I should have realized that with primarily family reading this, changing my writing style to goof off would just make people worry, not what I was going for. So there you go, I hope that makes you feel better, mom and dad.

Now that we’ve sorted that out, you might be interested to know that I started two new classes this week. Both of them have approximately 500 students, it’s kind of insane.

The first class is an overview of history. What kind of history you ask? Normally, that’d be a very legitimate question to ask, but not in this case. This course is an overview of all history. Yepp, all of it. Here’s how it works: four weeks of Antiquity, four of the Middle Ages and four of the early to modern Era. Three professors, one for each section and a multiple choice test at the end. Win.

Seven weeks in and I would kill for a bag of Cheetos, a White Castle hamburger, a jar of peanut butter, a Dr Pepper and some Vegetable LoMein. Wanna send me a care package?  I dont know how well White Castles or LoMein would ship, but you should try everything once, right?

You know, just because I like something in a restaurant doesnt necessarily mean that I like it when I make it. Case and point: Tortellini. I thought it would be hard to mess up spinach tortellini in cream sauce, turns out its hard to mess up because it really cant get much worse.

I bought a basil plant at the grocery store a couple days ago. At this point, the simple fact that I used the words “at the grocery store” should clue you in to the pure quality that is my basil plant. I’d get up and take a photo of it so you could appreciate the pathetic-ness that is my basil plant, but then I’d have to delete the entire first paragraph of this blog that I had so much fun writing. I feel like I need to name it. Ideas?

Update: My basil plant’s name, courtesy of Amy Balto, is Basil as in Bah-zel, as in pretend you’re English, or are going on a vacation to Basel, Switzerland.

People are busting out the winter coats all over the place. Parkas, hats, gloves the whole shebang. I even saw a girl with her entire face wrapped in a scarf like it was -10°F when it was really just 45. Pshh. We havent even had a frost yet, these people need to slow down.

I dont have class on Monday because of a holiday I didnt even know existed in the first place. That’s right, I dont have class because of All Saints Day. Apparently, this holiday is the reason Halloween is sometimes called All Hallows Eve, but I think I’ve always been so distracted by free candy and fun costumes that I never really bothered to think about why I got to dress up and ask my neighbors for free candy. That’s my kind of holiday.

Take a moment and think of all the poor European kids who will never know the pure joy of trick-or-treating. Although they do talk about going to foreign countries like we talk about going up to the cabin. Maybe that makes us even.

I hate thinking of titles for my blogs. I hate titles. They suck. They never sound as good as you want them to and require far too much thinking.

Also, check out this blog because I think she’s funny, and I think you may also think she’s funny. It’s not like I  know her or anything, I just stumbled on it (you’ve heard of stumbleupon, right? If you havent you should check that out too, it’s addicting).

Happy (Almost) Halloween!


2 Responses to “Pathetic Plants and Pretty Pictures”

  1. Amy Says:

    Its not even a question, name your basil plant Basil (pronounced baz-ill). Duh.

    I think you are just fine with your pepper flavored chips, you don’t need delicious cheetos or lays or peanut butter or reese’s

    Lastly, I don’t think that the blogger should ever be allowed near sugar again. Ever. Also, who makes a super sugary cake for a 73 year old man, disgusting. He needs angelfood cake or just applesauce.

    Love and miss you.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I made an update just for you. Basil plant’s name is officially Basil. ❤

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