How I Became a Millionaire


I went to a Flea Market with another girl from Minnesota this afternoon. It was held at Messe Freiburg which is basically one huge convention center. The Flea Market filled up one entire hall, it took us almost two hours. There were plenty of tables with the kind of crap you can expect from any Flea Market, but I was surprised by how much stuff was actually really cool.

I havent been to many Flea Markets in the States, but based on the street fairs and such that I have been to, these places arent known for selling military memorabilia and old currency. Maybe just because it’s Germany and Europe’s history is so much longer and more involved than anything you find in the States, but there were multiple vendors selling old postcards, photos, literal stacks of banknotes (because in the last century Germany has gone through 4 different types of currency), medals and tons of books. I wish I had all the time in the world to just look at the books and pictures, to study the medals and to read the postcards.

I didnt buy much, but what I did buy, I am absolutely in love with. The first thing I bought was a book called “Der Sieg in Polen” or ‘The Victory in Poland.’ Published 1940, it goes day by day through the four weeks of the polish campaign and includes photos for each week. The very end of the book thanks Russia for being such a good ally and then ends with the words ‘the final victory belongs to us’ “Der Endsieg gehört uns.” As a sidenote, the man who wrote the introduction, General Field Marshall Keitel, was hanged at Nuremberg.

The other two things I bought are just as exciting for me. The first thing I bought was a 5 Reichsmark Nazi banknote. Its is pretty amazing shape for currency that is 68 years old. I dont think I have a dollar bill that is that crisp. The picture of the young Aryan boy on the front of the bill is rather striking. The Master Race embodied, right? Notice the stamp in the bottom left corner with the eagle holding a swastika… so exciting.

Maybe you noticed from the title, but I’m now a millionaire. Well, I would have been in 1923, although even my ten million wouldnt have been enough to buy one US dollar. Now that’s what I call hyperinflation. My ten million marks only cost me one euro, it was just something I had to buy.

The girl that I was with bought four Harry Potter books in German, pretty freaking legit.

Be proud of me, there was one table selling an Iron Cross from WW2 and I didnt buy it. I didnt even ask how much it cost. Arent you proud of me? I am.

The whole reason I wanted to go to the Flea Market was because I googled it to see what it was like and one of the first things that popped up was an article about a guy selling WW2 memorabilia. I knew I had to go.

There was a full on carnival going on in the parking lot outside of the convention center. Fun houses, ferris wheels, cotton candy, the whole shebang. The only difference was instead of selling foot long hotdogs, they sold wurst.Dont let that yellow mustard fool you, German mustard is spicy mustard. Always.

I know I sounded freaking scared of my semester in my last post, but I actually think I can do it. On thursday, I had my Pflichttutorat (basically discussion session) for my Borders class and every week we are go over how to research and write papers and get help on our final papers. Basically, its a how-to class for Uni. Now, to make it clear, this tutorat isnt because I’m an international student. Everyone in my class has to go to it. The reason is, the Proseminar is a lower level class, so a lot of the other students are new at the Uni level, but theyre still native Germans.

I’m going to come home bilingual.

The kitchen that Sarah and I share is white. The walls are white, the counters are white, and the floor is a wholly unremarkable shade of gray. Therefore, we decided to color things up a bit. What do you need to add color to a kitchen? Why, finger paint of course.I dont think you ever outgrow finger painting. Moral of the story, after hand-prints and footprints, splatter painting and face painting, we now have a much more colorful kitchen wall, door decs, and a hand-printed under side of a table.

Jackson Pollock meets, well, pure artistic genius is how I would describe this masterpiece. It’ll be worth millions some day, I swear : )

I think this is my longest blog by far, but for once I had a number of different photos to show you. Normally before I write a blog I have to consciously make sure I take photos to include, but not this time. In fact, I had to cut some out. All the photos I’ve taken over the last couple days are on facebook though.

I’ve been in Germany for a full six weeks, how insane is that?


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