A Very Literal Balancing Act


Saturday night there was a party for international students sponsored by the Uni. It was 5€ for a buffet of International foods and then there was live music and a DJ and a cash bar. It was really fun to dance and hang out and have a couple drinks. We left the MensaBar at about midnight or so and then went over to the UniCafe to meet up with some other people. It was just a really fun night.

I finally met another Jew my age on Saturday night. I saw a hamsa on his keychain and it went from there. It’s nice to finally know that I am not the only Jew here; I wasnt so sure for a little while there. There must have been something with Saturday night because I also met a girl who graduated from Highland Park in 2008 and knows a couple people from home that I do. It’s a freaking small world.

Sarah and I went on a hike through the Schwarzwald this afternoon. It was supposed to be an opportunity for international students to meet families from the Freiburg area but there were about fifty students and two families. Ah well.It was really beautiful to be up in the mountains though, and something I have yet to experience here. Everything was so green and the trees were so tall and the place where we had cake and tea (paid for by the Studentenwerk!) was really cute and picturesque. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Have you ever heard of Slacklining? Basically its like tight rope walking except with a nylon web an inch or two thick strung not so tightly between two trees. It’s really cool to watch, and hard to do. The reason that I mention it, is because on Friday Sarah and I went to the Seepark to read and hang out and a couple guys were Slacklining there. Sarah does it back in England so she asked if we could give it a go. The guy who was doing it was really good, and Sarah was doing pretty alright herself. I would have enjoyed it more had there not been a ton of prickly horse chestnuts on the ground around the ropes. It was like jumping on a cactus every time you fell off.

That’s one thing that there is a ton of here, horse chestnuts. I had no idea what they were for the longest time and then Sarah told me they were called Conkers (there’s some crazy English game that they play where they string a shoelace through them and swing them at the other person’s Conker). But anyways, they fall out of trees here quite randomly and if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time you get hit in the head. They look really cool though, and when I say theyre everywhere I mean I wouldnt be surprised if you told me Freiburg only planted Horse-Chestnut Trees.

I thoroughly embarassed myself at the bank the other day. I went to go deposit a check that I got for my birthday and in order to deposit something in dollars I had to fill out a special form. Normally when forms want you to write your address they simply say “Adresse” but the bank doesnt want to make things so simple and asked for “Anschrift.” Basically, I wrote the wrong thing down twice and then finally he explained it further and I just felt retarded. I guess it’s a mark of success that this is one of the few occasions where I have really embarrassed myself. There is no way that I am lucky enough for it to be the last time…

I just watched a couple episodes of the new-ish tlc show Sister Wives. What the efff

I was going to wait and post this blog tomorrow so that I may have had a little more to write about, but then I realized that today was 10/10/10 and so I kind of felt obligated to just go ahead and post it. Yea… I’m just that cool I guess.


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