Beer, Breaks and Boring Speeches


The Uni here is ridiculous. Normally, the semesters here run from mid October to mid February and then mid April to the end of July, but not anymore. Summer semester doesnt start now until the 2nd of May, a week before American kids finish for the summer, and then goes until the 6th of August. This screws a couple things up. First: my return plane ticket is booked for the 1st of August. Second: My visa and health insurance only go through the 28th of July, and thirdly: I will have seriously only three weeks between the time I get back to the states and the time I move in at the U. What the effff. Good news is that now I can come home for the Seder which is the night the Summer Semester was originally supposed to start before the Uni decided life made too much sense and messed with the schedule.

International orientation itself is really boring, but today was rather nice. It was only an hour of lecture today and then afterwards, my flatmate, myself and three other kids went and hung out at an outdoor cafe. Not one of us came from the same country as another. There was myself from the USA, my flatmate from England, a Frenchman, a Catalonian (he insisted he was NOT from Spain, but Catalonia) an Italian and for a brief moment, a girl from the Caribbean. Needless to say, with all that, we spoke German.

One thing that I learned today; never try to discuss the Tour de France with a Frenchman. Just don’t. I will stand by the fact that Lance Armstrong did not dope and will argue it and refuse to acknowledge the possibility that he took drugs. The French on the other hand, believe everything but the possibility that he was clean. It was an intense conversation.

I love it here, I really do. I love the language and I love the city and everything is just so beautiful.

I’d take a picture of the frozen pizza I got for dinner last night to show you how amazing it was, except I already ate it all. For the first time in three weeks, I actually found something with a little spice to it. It had pepperoni, banana peppers, some red chili esque peppers and onions. Can you hear the holy choir singing right now? Because I definitely can.

Last night, my roomie and I met up with a girl who was actually from Burnsville and went to a pub that brews its own beer. Even though I’m not a big beer fan, it was really good. Then tonight, I went with some of my flatmate’s friends to a different bar and it was really interesting to meet all these different people from all over the world. Brazil, Spain, Germany, France, England. Every time I go anywhere, its like a United Nations meeting or something. The bar we were at was having specials on cocktails so instead of a beer I got a drink that honestly, I was kind of embarrassed to order. Its called an orgasm. Yea… I know.

That’s my roomie Sarah, by the way. We thought the drink name was so funny that we had to take a picture… I mean, with a name like that how couldnt you? It was really funny, and tasty. There are a ton of jokes I could make, but because I know my family are pretty much the only ones who read this, I’ll spare both you and I the awkwardness of those jokes. Use your imagination.

It’s kind of interesting because if you order a beer that’s on tap, it doesnt come in just a plain clear glass, there is usually a logo on the glass that advertises each individual brand. There is almost always a mark at the top so that the bartender knows that he has filled it to the ,3l or,5l mark. I dont know if that’s how they do it in America too, but it’s just one of those things that I noticed. Do they do that in America as well? Both the fill lines and the different logo glasses for different brands of beer?

Every time I type beer, I have to make a conscious effort not to type Bier. Ich liebe Deutschland.


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