Something Better than Half-Price Books


Despicable me comes out here later this week. Its called Ich – Einfach Unverbeserlich or I – Simply Incorrigible. I kinda wanna see it even though it was awful in English. At least in the German version I wont have to listen to Steve Carell butcher a russian accent. I love Steve Carell, but he was awful for that film…

I got my UniCard in the mail today. It’s official, I’m a student here. Crazy

Note to self: dont use the front left burner on the stove in my kitchenette… While trying to make potatoes, the oven short circuited our entire flat. Like pitch black. Sarah (who was thankfully in her room) and I had to go find the fuse box for the entire wing and simply guess which switch to flip. It was kind of ridiculous.

There is a bookstore here that I want to live in. It is a used book store, and I say used as in probably half of the books are at least 90 years old. Mixed in with the piles of books are also small paintings, greeting cards from the turn of the last century and old photo albums (i mean like ’20s). I love it, I want to buy EVERYTHING in that store, actually, I just want to buy the store itself. The only frustrating thing is that despite having an entire section dedicated to books on the Third Reich, there is a pile of books(as you can see in the photo) literally waist high and probably five feet out that I cant wade through to get to those books. I tried balancing on some almanacs, but that only got me close enough to read the titles… I want to find Albert Speer’s Erinnerungen (Inside the Third Reich is its translated title), and I dont want to have to buy it off! That’s my goal for this year. And when I find it, I dont care how much it costs, I’m buying it.

On my way back from that bookstore, I came across a statue that caught my attention.

It translates to “The victims of violence. The fighters of the resistance. 1933-1945” The whole statue is in the shape of a tree with no leaves and exposed roots. I think its really interesting how this city deals with its history. In front of houses where Jews who were murdered used to live are little gold plaques with their names and info on them. In the square in front of the Uni where the Jews were rounded up before deportation is a plaque and a yellow traffic sign. The plaque I translated on facebook, but here is the sign in case you missed it:

It’s so fascinating. Ich liebe Geschichte.

I’m eating Milka Alpenmilchcreme chocolate and I never want to eat another Hershey’s bar again. You can keep your kisses, I’ll take Milka and Ritter Sport.


One Response to “Something Better than Half-Price Books”

  1. Amy Says:

    Your not coming back are you. : )

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