Milo and Mysteries


I feel like Milo Minderbinder. Let me explain something first; in Germany, most plastic and glass bottles have a little symbol on them that look like this:This symbol means that you can return the bottle to a machine in the front of your grocery store. For each bottle, if the machine accepts it (it scans the barcode), you get a credit for 25 cents. Now here’s the reason I feel like Milo Minderbinder, I like to buy 1,5 liter bottles of fizzy water for 19 cents because theyre really cheap. If I recycle them, I get 25 cents back. So, not only are the bottles technically free, but I make a profit of 6 cents every time I return one. If I bought one bottle every day for 30 days and returned them all, I would make about 2 Euros, while at the same time enjoying all that mineral water for free. Its the little things. What’s good for the syndicate is good for the shareholders, right Milo? (Actually, I just realized this is not true, but I was so excited and it sounds so amazing that instead of deleting this paragraph, I’ll just let it be. So, Fail)

There is literally nothing more for me to do in order to get things set up. I have everything done for my housing that can be done in advance, I am all set at the University so that all I have to do is wait to get my classes, all I need to do is find a warmer coat. That’s gonna be the hardest part of all.

I’m sick. Now, because I know my Baubie and Zadie read this, let me clarify: I’m fine and it’s just a cold. It kinda sucks though, because all I want to do is sit in my room and catch up on Glee (which I am finally realizing is AMAZING) when I should really be out improving my German. I bought some Vitamin C/Zinc tablet things yesterday, so hopefully that should help a little…

I went for a walk the other day in the Seepark and discovered a small little flower garden. There are paths and trees and sculptures and a little stream thing that reminds me of the Bächle in town. It was really pretty and had a really good view of the Flückiger Lake and the Schwarzwald. Its fun to kind of get a feel of just everyday life here. Even though I am living here for the next ten months, I feel like a tourist because all I’ve really seen is my apartment and the downtown area. I mean, I couldnt really expect anything else, I’m only in my third week here and up until now, every work day has been spent trying to get things in order.

Right across from the little park within a park were apartment blocks quite similar to my own. Behind them however were two things I found rather interesting, the first was the most depressing playground I have ever seen. No swings on the swingset and the teetertotter looked like it would snap in half if a kid was stupid enough to sit on it. If this wasnt former West Germany I would have blamed the Soviets. The other thing about this little area that caught my attention was this:

Now I dont know what that staircase led to, but it was only one flight and looked like it had not been used in a very long time/ There were two of them in a flat grassy area with grates placed over where the entrance would lead you if you went down there. Before you say anything, no it does not lead to a subway or anything like that. Maybe it goes to the basement of the apartments, but you can theyre both rather far away for that to make much sense. I dont know what this area was used for, and I tried looking through some forums and though I didnt find out what these were, it kind of confirmed my guess. A bunker? Probably not from NS-Zeit, but cold war? I dont know, but what else could it be? There is, at least to me, no other logical explanations.

Amy Balto, you asked me to put up more pictures in here, this good enough? I’ll put the rest of my walk pictures up on Facebook soon too.


One Response to “Milo and Mysteries”

  1. Amy Says:

    This is fantastic. I may or may not be excited about checking this daily. Making money off of recycling = a great idea that the US should definitely promote. EAT SOME SOUP.

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