A Very Merry Unbirthday


Happy Birthday to me.

I know its my birthday and that now I’m 20, but it doesnt feel like it at all… It feels like any other Sunday.

You wanna know something about German food? Everything that can be pepper flavored is pepper flavored. Also, you can not find anything spicier than ketchup, even if the package says spicy. I need some sriracha or tabasco or even just some crushed red pepper flakes. There’s a small international grocery store behind the Martinstor, maybe they’ll have something with a little more kick…

I went shopping yesterday… I want to buy everything, and stores like H&M make it really hard not to. I have to tell myself that I  have 10 more months so I dont need to buy everything now, and also that in the end, I have to find a way to bring it all home. I’m in love with the European look. Its so classy. I bought the most adorable sweater, two flowy tanks, a skirt, a scarf and some leggings all for about 50 euros… Why not? Its my birthday gift to myself.

I went to a wholesale bookstore on my way home because I want to buy Harry Potter in German to help my language skills. What I found instead was even better. Its a book called “Der koschere Knigge: Trittsicher durch die deutsch-jüdischen Fettnäpfchen” which means like the ‘Kosher Etiquette: A sure footed way through the German-Jewish blunder.’ I had to buy it. At least it’s by a Jewish author named Michael Wuliger, but seriously? I cannot wait to read it.

You know how a lot of stores play music over their speaker system? Well this bookstore was playing a song that I lip synced to in Spanish 5 senior year with Adreon and a couple other kids. I think those lyrics were about the only thing I learned in Spanish 5…

Yesterday, all the trees were green. Today, theyre turning yellow and it smells like fall. I love that smell.

I dont know what I would do without skype… It just makes such a big difference.

I cooked dinner for the first time yesterday. Hobos mean no cleaning up, no nasty, really dirty apartment dishes either. Plus, I have enough for lunch today, delish!

So I’m one chapter into that Jewish how-to book…. Uhhh. Let me translate some quotes for you: “You were given a heads up by your host at a party that Herr Blumberg is ‘A Jew, but really nice'” or “Dont let you surprise show when you first meet him, saying ‘you dont look like one at all’ is not a good way to open a conversation.” Lets get something straight, do Germans really need a heads up if there is a Jew at a party? And is the phrase, “but really nice” really nice? I stopped for a moment when I read that.

The author gives us a couple handy tips for what you should and should not do should a Jew “maybe even tomorrow cross your path”: “Dont ask him if he is a ‘full-Jew’ even if your Aunt Sarah twice removed makes you 1/8th Jewish. They will not toast to brotherhood with you for that” “If they are wearing a star around their neck, dont call it a Jewish Star because that brings back bad memories, plus, Jewish Stars were worn on the chest” And they were yellow… but he doesnt mention that. “Despite popular stereotypes, Jews arent any smarter than you are, and not all of them are rich.” I hope these tips clear some stuff up for you guys…. uhhh haha

So a couple days ago, myself, my former Russian roommate Irina, Sid from Ireland and Andrew from Zambia were sitting in our kitchen eating some food. For some reason, they were talking about Church and Andrew asked me if I go to Church often. When I said no, he asked me quite simply, “Why not?” Well, there was nothing for me to say except “I’m Jewish.”Both Sid and Andrew had never met a Jew before and were rather surprised to meet one. But as the esteemed Herr Wuliger said in his book “Even tomorrow, a Jew could cross your path”

This question goes to all of the Jews: have you ever met a non-Jew who simply cannot understand that we don’t worship Jesus, believe in the New Testament and/or celebrate Christmas? If you have, then you can probably guess what the conversation was like… I mean who has ever heard of Jews from Zambia? But still, the amount of “So let me get this straight…” questions that I answered was kind of ridiculous. There’s always a certain amount of pressure when I find out that I am the first Jew somebody has ever met, you know? Like if I screw up, or if they dont like me personally, they wont like Jews either.


One Response to “A Very Merry Unbirthday”

  1. Mike Wuliger Says:

    hi sarah,

    glad to see you liked my book.

    pessach sameach

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