Zimmer 01 06


I’m all moved in! I’m still staying at mom’s hotel simply because StuSie (my housing complex) is wayyy out of the way. StuSie is right on the Tram though, so once classes start, its a ten minute tram ride and I’m there. So nice. I need to get a Railpass.

Mom’s trying to watch cycling in German. Every once in a while she gets really excited when she hears a name she recognizes from the Tour.

Yesterday, I registered my housing with the government, and had to wait for a little more than an hour… it was kind of ridiculous…

We took the bus to Ikea and got some stuff that I needed for my room like a duvet cover, a nightstand and such. Ikea looks exactly the same as it does in the US, I even got Swedish meatballs. The only difference is that the Ikea here serves beer.

Just a couple observations: Everyone wears scarfs, and when I say everyone I mean everyone. It’s not just girls here, guys wear them too and its not because theyre gay. I have absolutely NO gaydar here. Everyone also always looks put together. Their outfits are always good looking, and the H&M here has clothes that are ten times cuter than the one at home. I could live in that store now.

Another thing; girls have short hair here. For the very first time, I am not the only girl with short hair and its really kind of cool. Once I get some more scarfs and a couple different coats and sweaters, it wont be too hard to look European. 🙂

I can’t wait to get a bike. During the day the streets, shops and cafés are full of people walking and shopping and going about their day. Its no wonder that everyone here is thin, the amount of walking everyone does is amazing.


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