Today was/ is my first full day in Freiburg. I’m not jetlagged really at all simply because we got into Freiburg last evening, so even though we were exhausted, it was about time to go to bed anyways. Just so you know, Iceland Air has the most uncomfortable and convex seats I have ever sat in, but the bed here was amazing.

We got into Freiburg last night after a 5 1/2 hour plane ride to Reykjavik, a 3 1/2 hour ride to Frankfurt and a two hour train ride from Frankfurt to Freiburg. The Hauptbahnhof isn’t really set up for tourists, there were no elevators, only a band that reminded me of the magic carpets at Afton Alps, only this one went down the side of the stairs.

It’s amazing to hear German everywhere I go. Every time I hear someone simply chatting in German I get jealous that they speak so fluently and that I don’t. I definitely have a ways to go before I speak German the way I speak English, but I definitely think I can do it. I’m very far from fluent, but even now I would be fine simply living here. It’ll be different once classes start though. I have a month to improve my German dramatically.

I got a bank account and a cell phone this morning and then we went out to see my room at StuSie. My roommate wasnt there, though I would be willing to bet that she’s eastern european based on the russian newspaper. We shall see.

Wilkommen nach Freiburg!


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